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baby books....

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kirst134 Tue 15-Mar-16 18:11:21

Hi everyone ☺
Does anybody have any recommedations for baby books for a first time mum? I have had a look at a few but just wondered if there was anybody that had found a great one??
Well wishes to all

InWithTheOutlaws Tue 15-Mar-16 18:24:57

I'm not a baby book person confused - but was gifted this which I thought was pretty great. No set question answer sort of thing as is more common, but lots of space to write your own memories, moments, doodle stuff, what have you. Thought it was loads better. Put down little stories about things etc....toddler loves hearing it read as a storybook now. Obvs second child has no such record!

link here

Might not be your cup of tea if you want the traditional sort.

LumpishAndIllogical Tue 15-Mar-16 21:55:53

I really liked this, sort of a medical based book rather than based on opinion pieces (if you know what I mean). V up to date on antenatal care in uk and it's extremely detailed about everything (huge book) which is great! Depends what kind of info you are after smile

Dixiechick17 Tue 15-Mar-16 22:06:34

I loved 'A rough guide to pregnancy' by Kaz cooke, very informative, funny blog for each week and a handy size guide smile

Flisspaps Tue 15-Mar-16 22:10:57

Your Baby Week By Week.

Please note that babies are sods and won't bother reading any of the pointless handy manuals wink

ohanami Tue 15-Mar-16 23:01:18

The Wonder Weeks (either book or app). Won't tell you how to change a nappy or how much your baby should be eating/drinking/pooing at a particular age, but does help to explain the points when your little angel turns into a non-sleeping, angry little animal overnight. Unfortunately the only advice it can give is along the lines of "ride it out and remember this is really tough for your baby too" - but helpful to have the insight into how stages in development emerge and how they impact on the way your baby behaves.

Champagneformyrealfriends Tue 15-Mar-16 23:05:46

I like "The Baby Whisperer" - mainly because I find all the different baby personalities fascinating. I wouldn't take everything as gospel though if you do get it!

shelbTa Wed 16-Mar-16 15:49:08

Oohh I'll tag onto this thread - first time mum, all the gear no idea, be good to find a useful book.


InWithTheOutlaws Wed 16-Mar-16 16:26:03

Good grief. I'm such a numpty, sorry OP, I thought you meant one of those baby books you write things in about babies confused.

Pannacott Wed 16-Mar-16 17:16:13

The 'pregnancy day by day' mentioned above was my favourite. Also the follow on book 'first year day by day' or something like that.

Pinklily1 Wed 16-Mar-16 20:46:33

I've got the Day by Day Pregnancy Book, which is good. It literally has a page telling you what is happening on each day of pregnancy, and then also some general information on birth options, feeding, post birth etc. It was £18.99 but worth it in my view.

tinytoucan Wed 16-Mar-16 20:59:12

I've got 'first time mum: surviving and enjoying your baby's first year' by Hollie Smith. Seems quite good as it's not preachy and offers different perspectives rather than saying you have to do things a certain way- but I haven't had the baby yet so can't comment on whether it actually gives good advice! DC1 due next week so not long until I find out (hopefully!)

LorelaiVictoriaGilmore Wed 16-Mar-16 21:02:32

Things I Wish I'd Known edited by Victoria Young. It doesn't have information on what you or your baby should be doing... it's essays about motherhood. But I read it when my baby was about 3 weeks old and it helped me feel like a mum. Great book - I've given it to all my friends who've had babies since and they've all loved it.

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