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Glycerine Suppositories/Movicol in early pregnancy - please advise!

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Craftycakey15 Mon 14-Mar-16 18:52:49

Hi there, I am seven weeks pregnant and suffering from severe constipation since day 1. I take progesterone suppositories which make the problem very bad. I have seen the GP who told me to take Lactulose which does very little unless I double the dose and then get diarrhoea.

I went to Urgent Care today as my stomach was hurting so much from constipation and ended up seeing a young Dr who took ages to finally prescribe me glycerine suppositories. I left unsure if I can take them in early pregnancy - he called a colleague and asked but just said 'she is pregnant' even though I said to make clear I am in early pregnancy. I then asked the pharmacist and she couldn't find data to confirm if it is safe.

I, of course, Google things and find contradictory advice on the glycerin and Movicol (the other thing he suggested) for this stage of pregnancy. Has anyone taken them in early pregnancy? I am desperate for relief; I have put on 7pounds in bloat!

cheapredwine Mon 14-Mar-16 19:00:24

You can definitely take Movicol in pregnancy, and AFAIK yes glycerin supositories are absolutely fine too though I've not taken them myself but lots of ladies on here have done. The crucial ones to avoid are senna and other irritating / stimulant laxatives as they can (theoretically) cause uterine contractions. However, my pharmacist still said they were fine though there was no way I was risking it. Persevere with the Movicol, it will work (I too have had a lot of progesterone supportm both Cyclogest and the injections so do know where you're coming from) Good luck

Craftycakey15 Mon 14-Mar-16 20:06:16

Thank you. I have seen people talk of the glycerin suppositories but don't know if they were in early pregnancy,. My doctor told me to try Senna as it's safe! I tried it but it doesn't do much at all!

rew0077 Mon 14-Mar-16 20:20:47

Up your water intake massively and if using movicol or lactulose up it more. You need to play around with the amounts of movicol/lactulose you take. When you're going s bit too much very slowly reduce the amount until you are going easily once a day (you may have to fluctuate the amount you use regularly). For the suppositories- put 2 up PR 30min before you need to go.
Wipe carefully (use wet wipes).
Check your diet too
Good luck - constipation is miserable!

Craftycakey15 Mon 14-Mar-16 20:33:59

Thanks, did you take the suppositories in early pregnancy? I was told to take just one and only for three days. They just didn't seem sure it was OK in early pregnancy. How much Movicol can I take? I have taken three in a day? Do you take them all at once?

cheapredwine Mon 14-Mar-16 20:41:28

You can take up to 8 Movicol if you're not pregnant but IIRC recommended dose is 2 in pregnancy? Check in the drug leaflet? You can take them together or separately as far as I know. Movicol will work but you need to be patient for a couple of days possibly - I know it's hard though. Suggest you don't take more Movicol now, but drink lots of fluids and see what happens in the morning.

sizethree Tue 15-Mar-16 01:12:46

So sorry you're suffering with this.
I had awful constipation throughout pregnancy (and following my EMCS - which is pretty nasty as the last thing you want to do is strain yourself, ouch).
I got prescribed Lactulose after the surgery but actually found that significantly upping my water intake, having a small glass of prune juice (morning and night), nibbling on dried apricots and sprinkling All Bran on top of morning cereal was more effective. But don't overload with prune juice, All Bran and dried apricots in one go like me one morn as I remember a very dramatic trip to the loos in Mothercare one Saturday blush

MindfulBear Tue 15-Mar-16 02:17:08

I feel for you. I'm 26 weeks pg and suffered all the way so far.

Hope the movicol & supps work. If you need more help.....

Best things to add to your diet on a DAILY basis:
Natural yoghurt
Prune juice
Coconut oil (instead of butter on high fibre bread, or by the spoonful)
Chia seeds
A pro/pre biotic supplement
Lots of water - more than 2 litres
At least 30 mins strenuous exercise (run/walk - really gets things moving!!!)

smellsofelderberries Tue 15-Mar-16 11:27:13

One thing I've found very helpful for constipation is taking omega-3 fish oil (the ones that come with the prenatal vitamins) with my prenatal. The oil makes things very loose. Without it I only go once every few days. Make sure it's the fish oil that is pregnancy safe though.

char56 Wed 16-Mar-16 19:27:10

Hi...I'm after advice too I had a miscarraige in Jan. I was taking movicol and a stimulant laxative at Xmas around time of conception due to awful.constipation. I've had a colonoscopy and been told I have chronic constipation. I have to take anything from half to two sachets of movicol a day to stay regular. Any advice about if I get pregnant again. I've been told Movicol is OK but I know I will need something else in this case. Really worried

suspiciousofgoldfish Wed 16-Mar-16 19:51:36

Do your doctors have a call back system you can use to double check? You don't sound convinced about your docs advice! I would rather double check if it were me.

I had awful constipation after my ESC and absolutely nothing worked - until I was given the suppositories that is.

All I will say is make sure you don't have any visitors round once they are in and stay near a loo. I still have terrifying flashbacks. They worked so, ahem, efficiently, that I would probably make sure they were safe for early pregnancy.

The PPs sound pretty confident though.

Hope you do a poo soon smile

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