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feeling down

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Filouisebaby1 Mon 14-Mar-16 18:45:05

dear all,
I am a first time mum currently 6 months pregnant. I am delighted to be pregnant (as is my partner) but I am really struggling with weigh gain and finding clothes to fit.
I was a size 12-16 shop pending before pregnancy but I feel as if I look horrific in everything I wear apart from my dressing gown. I hate looking at myself in the mirror and I am not wanting to go anywhere or do anything. I am a teacher and it is so difficult to find clothes that I don't have to spend a fortune on. I constantly feel down and I am really careful about what I eat - I always have been.
I can't wait to meet our little one and I am really excited about being a mum but I am really starting to hate pregnancy.When I speak to my friends they always just say 'you're growing a human!' - they've not had babies yet.
Has anyone else felt this way or am I alone?Thank you x

Murphyslaw21 Mon 14-Mar-16 18:53:08

Not alone.

I had bad back, sickness, food tasted bad, fat feet, hair was awful, weeing all the time, and worst of all the glow... My skin broke out in more spots it glowed...

But it's worth it, OMG so worth it

Filouisebaby1 Mon 14-Mar-16 18:57:14

Thank you. I'm glad it's not just me.
I am sorry you had all those things! I've been lucky with the sickness but the hair and weeing all the time I can sympathise!
Thank you for your reply x

Wait4nothing Mon 14-Mar-16 18:57:30

I'm feeling pretty big atm! (33 weeks) Also a teacher - my go tos for work are a range of dresses (some maternity - some borrowed in a larger size with stretch for the belly) with maternity leggings and a waterfall cardi. Weekends just maternity jeans and a range of tops. My problem is coat atm - doesn't quite close but it's too close to spring to buy anything now!

Wait4nothing Mon 14-Mar-16 19:08:34

I have this dress
Got it in the sale though (20% weekend)
Swear by h&m leggings and jeans
And have had lots of compliments in this

Filouisebaby1 Mon 14-Mar-16 19:22:15

I really love the Red Herring one thank you! I may buy that. I am getting a lot from ASOS and then sending it all back.
Not lucky with jeans but I'm hopeful about the ones arriving tomorrow. (I feel like I'm spending lots but I'm returning most of it!) I started with under the bump skinny ones but I don't like the shape they give me.
Coats - I'm just about still in my winter one but hopefully will get a springy one that I can leave open.
I'll try some waterfall cardigans too - thank you for the tips!x

Mermaid36 Mon 14-Mar-16 19:27:42

I haven't found any jeans that suit me at all...I have leggings and yoga pants, and tops are either stretchy vests/t-shirts from Primark or a supermarket, or skater dresses/tunic tops.... not quite as glam/interesting as I'd usually wear, but I'm so knackered with a huge bump, I don't care anymore!

Filouisebaby1 Mon 14-Mar-16 19:35:40

I miss my jeans.
Mermaid36 how far are you? My bump seems to be quite low but i've a lot of weight on my hips. My mum keeps telling me it'll move to the bump but I think she is trying to make me feel better.

Mermaid36 Mon 14-Mar-16 19:39:32

I'm 21+4 with twins, so look more like 26/27 wks....

Filouisebaby1 Mon 14-Mar-16 19:42:06

Congratulations! Twins!! That is lovely! You look fantastic!!

Mermaid36 Mon 14-Mar-16 19:58:45

Thanks! I'm just sick of explaining to people that I'm not about to give birth any day and probably have another 15 wks to go!!

I've put over a stone on in the pregnancy (obvs) but am still in a 16, just in maternity wear etc.

Filouisebaby1 Mon 14-Mar-16 20:51:22

i have not weighed myself in fear I'll freak out when i see the scales!

Mermaid36 Mon 14-Mar-16 22:00:11

I did freak out a bit at first, especially since I'd previously lost 2.5st in the last couple of years....

But then I realised that I have two babies inside me, plus a placenta, plus two amniotic sacs full of fluid! No wonder I've put over a stone on!

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