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Thin womb lining - how to thicken?

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CoffeeCait Mon 14-Mar-16 13:57:23

Been trying to conceive dc2 for 20 months and during this time had an early MC (November 2014) and an MMC (September 2015). By January this year I got fed up and went to see my GP. She was great and referred me for lots of tests including an ultrasound which I had this morning.

The sonographer said that the ovaries looked good but my womb lining is on the thin side. I did have an inkling this might be the case as my periods are far lighter now than 4 years ago when we conceived dc1.

Has anyone had experience of this? I'll be calling the doctor again for her input and I've also googled for info but wanted to hear of some real life experiences?

CoffeeCait Tue 15-Mar-16 18:25:56

Hopeful bump?

Flossiesmummy Tue 15-Mar-16 18:43:13

No help at all but a bump post for you thanks

lcoc2015 Tue 15-Mar-16 18:52:43

What has your doc suggested?

I never had an ultrasound but my periods were extremely light whilst trying to conveive my dd2. I had a few sesions of acupuncture and he said my uterus was cold (which i found a bit "woo") but i followed his instructions and used a heat pack (not hot water bottle) on the days leading up to ovulation. Fell pregnant soon after this. He was accredited with zita west

allthegoodnamesalreadytaken Tue 15-Mar-16 19:32:00

I've heard Red Raspberry Leaf tea is good for this. Check out the natural fertility info website that has some good tips

bananafish81 Tue 15-Mar-16 19:34:07

I had chronic thin lining and will post asap

Have lots of advice! Promise to be back just place marking xx

Chrisinthemorning Tue 15-Mar-16 19:37:12

Acupuncture can help- I had it to give a nice thick lining during ivf

bananafish81 Tue 15-Mar-16 21:13:46

I had thin lining - there are usually one of two issues: sleepy oestrogen receptors or poor blood flow

Do you get EWCM?

Have you ever used the clearblue dual hormone OPKS? If so do you get high readings (showing rising oestrogen levels)?

When you've had ultrasound have they ever used the doppler to look at your uterine artery blood flow?

For my my chronically thin lining was due to non responsive oestrogen receptors - I simple wasn't making enough oestrogen. So I didn't get any EWCM, my OPKs never detected rising levels of oestrogen - they went straight from low to peak

My uterine blood flow was spectacular. So all the things I tried for thin lining did bugger all because they were treatments to improve blood flow. Which didn't do anything for me personally because my lining didn't have enough oestrogen

These included: l'arginine, high strength vitamin E, baby aspirin, vaginal viagra, red raspberry leaf tea and acupuncture

For other people these work wonders

For me, I needed oestrogen tablets to thicken up my lining

We used them to great success in my second IVF cycle - which nearly didn't proceed to transfer like my first because of thin lining

Lining improved from 5.5mm to 8.5mm in three days

My Dr said we could use this in a natural cycle but it would have to be a monitored cycle so as to introduce it at the right point, once the dominant follicle has grown to a large enough size that the oestrogen won't block ovulation. You'll also need a trigger shot to make sure the follicle releases

Progesterone after ovulation will help keep the lining plump and receptive.

All questions to ask your Dr xxx

vallinnapod Wed 16-Mar-16 16:17:25

I have a problem with thin lining (amongst other things, I don't ovulate so no periods).

Both my DCs were IVF and as embryos they were both transferred on linings my clinic wouldn't normally consider transferring at (way too thin).

I was on estrogen tablets, Viagra, Clexane, aspirin and acupuncture to get it as 'thick' as we did. I clearly just have thin lining as they eventually stuck. DS was first attempt but DD was 6 goes - several abandoned cycles as lining too thin. I also have low progesterone and was on cyclogest and Gestone injections.

My periods have returned (first natural period since I was 34) after I just finished BF DD. I am very intrigued to see if I get pregnant naturally....I have had 3 periods and whilst they last 5-6 days they are not that heavy.

CoffeeCait Fri 18-Mar-16 20:04:44

Thanks everyone for your input!

I've not had a chance to talk to my GP about it yet but will try to next week.

I'm already doing acupuncture, which is good, and she's also affiliated with Zita West so that's good. Started walking regularly and taking vitamin E too and baby aspirin. I do get lots of EWCM and have just started with the heat packs too!

Thanks all, your advice is fab - hope it gets me upduffed very soon!

Schnapps00 Fri 19-May-17 11:25:26

Bananafish, I just wanted to say thanks very much for the info you posted, very helpful. CoffeeCait did it work out for you??

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