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TMI diarrhea every morning

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Jenjen85 Mon 14-Mar-16 08:10:20

I'm 15+5 with DC2 and for the last 4 mornings have had diarrhea. Iv been having stomach ache at around 6am then having to go and it's just runny sorry tmi. Has anyone else experienced this? Will it pass? Or could it be a bug? Iv not got diarrhea in the day just first thing in a morning. My stomach was making such a loud noise this morning that it woke me up shock I never had this with DD I was totally constipated with her.

applesvpears Mon 14-Mar-16 09:23:09

I feel like I have had this throughout (I am 38 weeks now) sometimes I think it depends on what I eat, also pregnacare vitamins made it worse. Before pregnancy I didn't eat much and worked out all the time, so maybe it is just the body adjusting !! Horrible though !

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