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Where did my boobs go!?!?!?

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Shinisdemon Mon 14-Mar-16 00:05:58

I'm a mother of 3 wonderful children and fixed. My question is has anyone else lost their breast size dramatically after each birth and never gained them back? For instance I was 32DD pre pregnancy, after my first I dropped to a 34D, after my second they became 36HeavyB, now with my youngest who's 1yr... I'm a 38A and barely fit that. Just wondering if anyone else has had this and found a way to gain at least some of their breasts back without going under the knife. I did breast feed my first, had major issues with feeding my second, and third was BF till 3months when they just shriveled to nothing. TMI perhaps but they look like a set of birthday balloons two weeks after the party... My nips touch my belly button. Any advice is welcomed.

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