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Be gone, nausea.... :(

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hummingbird100 Sun 13-Mar-16 12:32:04

I'm 8 weeks pregnant and horribly nauseous 24/7. It wakes me up at night, I can't relax, can only eat occasionally, and have a horrible taste in my mouth all the time. It's really getting me down, I'm constantly exhausted too but often find it hard to relax with feeling so effing sick all the time. Cyclizine from the GP didn't work - I'm back at the doctor tomorrow, anyone been able to take anything else which just deals with nausea? Or any other tips in general?

squeezed Sun 13-Mar-16 12:53:57

I do feel for you. Unfortunately it can take a few tries to get the right medication. I'm taking medication for sickness as well and found Promethazine the best, but this was more to do with the dizziness side effect from the other meds.
For the taste in my mouth I found ice pops quite helpful, sugary boiled sweets also.
Are you working? I was off for quite a few weeks because of the exhaustion. If you can rest as much as possible, it does help.
Other foods that worked with me and I'd suggest you try are tinned fruit, crackers, toast, milkshakes, coco pops, popcorn, crisps. Beige food that is bad for you, basically.
I do hope you start to feel better soon.

hummingbird100 Sun 13-Mar-16 13:04:01

Thanks for your reply Squeezed smile yes I'm working, have been totally unable to go in for the last two weeks as I just wouldn't be able to cope in the office and feel so tired and queasy. The waves of nausea are breathtaking and all I can do when they hit hard is lie down and try breathe through it. I'm being sick first thing, although there's generally nothing to bring up, and then dry retching lots throughout the day. I have a toddler to care for too, although he's in nursery 2 days which gives me a break, and I've had some family help with occupying him on the other week days, plus my husband has been amazing. I just want to go to sleep and wake up feeling better! Thanks for the food recommendations - I've tried lots of them but popcorn sounds good right now! I'm willing to try anything a doctor can prescribe, so I'm hoping tomorrow he'll try me on some different tablets...

whiteychappers Sun 13-Mar-16 15:01:35

I'm at 12 weeks and the puking and nausea is still going strong. The following have helped me cope; ice pops, fizzy water, barley sugar, salty crisps, super noodles, snack-a-jacks, polos. I think you just have to try lots of things and just eat whatever irrespective of whether its good for you or not and it might change as the weeks go on. I find fluids hard to drink during the day but at night much easier so I drink as much as I can overnight, id be up peeing anyway so I just drink whenever I wake up. And sleep, sleep whenever wherever you can, my nausea is much worse if I'm hungry or tired. Ive been trying really hard to not resort to drugs, its been hell but I'm hoping its nearing the end, I'm having a few hours a day now when I forget about it. Also cry your heart out, crying has helped me get out all the anguish. I actually think its other people that have made me feel worse as everyone is different and I have been made to feel a bit like I'm a wuss but when you've puked every morning for about 50 days in a row, it would get anyone down which is what I keep reminding myself. My hubby has been great and always reminds me of my good days when I feel particularly sorry for myself xxx

hummingbird100 Sun 13-Mar-16 15:33:31

12 weeks, I really hope it ends for you soon Whiteychappers! Thank you for your words, I did cave in and had a cry this afternoon. You're definitely right in that it's worse when you're tired, my toddler decided to be awake for ages last night for no apparent reason and I felt shocking this morning, the worst ever. You're absolutely not a wuss, I guess with me not actually being sick as often as some people I feel people might think I can't possibly feel as ill as I make out, but I know that if I went to the bathroom and stood by the loo I would be sick - I spend most of the day trying to keep my food down!

My last pregnancy was more like 'classic' morning sickness, sick a few mornings, unpleasant at the time but disappeared with eating breakfast and never lasted all day. This has just knocked me for six, I was retching the day after I got my BFP at 4-odd weeks, by 5.5 weeks I was seriously nauseous. It's debilitating.

whiteychappers Sun 13-Mar-16 15:58:38

To be honest, you might feel better if you were just sick rather than fighting. Nausea is the worst feeling and you end up being on edge whereas puking does give you at least half an hour respite. Weirdly I find it easier to be sick and then eat something straight away. Trying to force food down when you feel sick is just awful. I think crying helps as it gets rid of some of the adrenaline. I'm surprised I have any tears left. Ooh I know what else helped is jelly, its sweet and you are getting some liquid too. I did have a slush puppy yesterday and did say to my hubby that we need a machine as I felt so much better after that sugary slush!

hummingbird100 Sun 13-Mar-16 16:32:48

You're probably right...but I'm so terrified of being dehydrated and not being able to keep anything down at's especially bad from about 7am-early afternoon, I just don't know where to put myself. I do feel better after my 5am-ish throw up, then I fall back into bed feeling shattered and usually manage to sleep for a bit - then wake up, force down some cereal and feel like hell all morning.

I haven't had a slush in years! Sounds really nice! My husband was dispatched to the supermarket for more random foods for me to try, I did add ice lollies to the list smile

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