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Lazy Daisy teachers

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Emiben Sat 12-Mar-16 22:19:38

Hi all
I just wondered if anyone here was a Lazy Daisy instructor at all? I am considering completing the training but just wondered what experiences others have in doing this?
I have myself attended Daisy birthing classes when pregnant with my last baby and I loved it and the whole concept of Daisy. I'm really keen on training as an instructor but I wondered what the uptake was on both the birthing and parenting classes? I appreciate this is dependent on the amount of work you put into advertising and getting your name out there!
I guess I'd be looking to start working around my current part time job but with a view to doing it on a full time basis in the future - is this realistic?
Sorry for the rambling post - any advice would be very gratefully accepted!
Many thanks in advance!

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