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Can you see a line?

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Scarecrow2016 Fri 11-Mar-16 11:36:54

Hi 11 dpo. Just after opinions, can you see a 2nd line? Apologies if I have the wrong board. I'm 45 with 2 children and a history of ectopics. Thanks.

sizethree Fri 11-Mar-16 12:43:50

I can see a tiny bit on the left hand side edge but by the colour of the test, it looks quite a long way outside the timeframe (I know this as I constantly plucked mine out the bin and held it against anything white I could find in the house to see if it showed up a line).
How many days post ovulation are you? When is your period due? And was it first morning urine you used?

sizethree Fri 11-Mar-16 12:44:46

Oh sorry, just read you're 11dpo. It could be the start of something, so fingers crossed!

LittleMrsSophieB Fri 11-Mar-16 13:36:23

Hi there sorry I'm new to all of this so not sure where I'm supposed to comment.. im also confused with the faint lines on a pregnancy test also. I'm not due on my period until the 15th but iv been feeling very strange and had no signs that AF is on its way like I normally do. So yesterday I took a superdrug early detection test and it had a faint pink line. I also took one today which showed the same. Please someone help me do I take this as a positive or negative result?? hmm

gincamelbak Fri 11-Mar-16 13:47:00

The super drug ones look positive to me.

LittleMrsSophieB Fri 11-Mar-16 13:49:29

Thanks for your input. Iv read so many things about Evap lines it's had me sat puzzled... I thought I was going mad x

Monstamio Fri 11-Mar-16 13:50:05

Scarecrow, I can also see a bit of colour on the left but it doesn't seem to stretch across the whole test. I'd leave it a couple of days and test again with fmu. Hope you get the result you're looking for.

Sophie, your tests are positive. Congratulations!

Scarecrow2016 Fri 11-Mar-16 13:51:18

LittleMrsSophie you have yourself a positive. Congratulations!! smile

Thanks for replying sizethree. Yes it is outside of the timeframe. I was pretty sure there was a line immediately after testing all be it v faint. I compared it to tests from previous pregnancies and it was in the right place on the strip. But since then I've started to doubt what I saw as it's faded. And yes it was with first pee of the day.

I peed on a Sainsburys own brand later this morning and I think I can see a pale blue line there but it could be wishful thinking. We're not ttc but all these feelings from my ttc days are flooding back.

LittleMrsSophieB Fri 11-Mar-16 13:54:26

Thanks everyone you've helped put my.mind at ease! grin x

sizethree Fri 11-Mar-16 14:18:18

Congratulations sophie.
scarecrow keep us posted. I am already a bit giddy about TTC again (it'll be a while though as I have a 4 month old, but I keep looking at new borns and knowing I'll hopefully do it all again one day).

Jw35 Fri 11-Mar-16 15:29:26

Scarecrow not sure, the line doesn't look complete but could be the picture quality
Congrats Sophie definitely positive!

Scarecrow2016 Fri 11-Mar-16 20:28:50

Thanks jw. I have a thin/fine blue line on a sainsburys test but I've just read a stack of reviews saying how notorious they are for false positives. Ah well.

Jw35 Fri 11-Mar-16 20:59:35

I like the super drug ones, first response. I had a shadow of a line on the one in your pic but with the frer it was really clear and obvious! That was at 10dpo! Good luck!

novemberchild Fri 11-Mar-16 21:16:50

Sophie, that's a positive. Congratulations!

OP - use a different test would be my advice! Superdrug are best imo. Those strips were not detecting or detecting very faintly even after Clearblue Digi came up 3+!

LittleMrsSophieB Fri 11-Mar-16 21:40:46

Thanks everyone smile xx

elliej83 Fri 11-Mar-16 22:46:04

They do look positive. When I had faint line on early test it turned out to be a chemical pregnancy so if go get checked out to be sure smile

LittleMrsSophieB Sat 12-Mar-16 08:13:26

I took a Cb digital test this morning to see what that said and it flashed up saying not pregnant! sad I'm still not having any AF symptoms normally the week before I'm due on I get sore boobs craving chocolate and achy back pain. But I have had non of these what's so ever. I'm not due on my period until the 15th so is it worth testing again next week?
So far iv had mood swings...
Tiredness... nauseous waves... 2 days cramping last weekend along with some pinkish brownish discharge but non since. I can't go to the doctors until next week but now it's playing on my mind! (Think this will be a long weekend! wink) xx

passmethewineplease Sat 12-Mar-16 08:16:52

The digital tests are less sensitive so may take a few more days for it to show up. Try not to worry!

Scare I think I see something ok that first but can't be sure, could you get a Superdrug one? They're great!

LittleMrsSophieB Sat 12-Mar-16 10:13:38

Ah I see I was under the impression that the digital tests were better. Me and my husband have been tcc for a year now so I would love for this to be our time x

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