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claireL1991 Fri 11-Mar-16 10:30:01

Hi everyone,
This is my first post on here and I'm looking for some stories from other people that have had Polyhydramnios.
I got diagnosed with it last week which I was told is because of my Type 1 diabetes (which is well controlled)
I was told that people with this are more prone to waters breaking early and I was hoping some other mums that have had it could tell me how early their waters broke?
I'm 33+3 at the moment.

Thank you very much,
Claire x

Panther79 Fri 11-Mar-16 12:08:25

Hi Claire
Sorry can't be much of a help but I had the same due to gestational diabetes, which wasn't very well controlled although I tried my best!

The fluid was quite high at week 34 and I was told that I could go into early labour due to the pressure of the excessive fluid and baby pushing etc.
However, by week 36 the fluid had returned to the normal level. I was surprised by this but the sonographer said it's quite common for the excess water to get back to normal after a couple of weeks.
Best of luck & hope all goes well for you flowers X

claireL1991 Fri 11-Mar-16 12:54:04

Thank you for your reply!
That's made me feel better about it and is what I'm hoping for.

I hope your baby is well smile

Claire x

Ottosaurus Fri 11-Mar-16 12:58:28

I've had it twice and neither time have my waters broken naturally. First time controlled break in hospital and second time emergency charger section as cord dropped as baby wasn't engaged due to fluid. Both at 40wks.
The good news is you will be monitored with extra scans but if they offer to admit you to be on the safe side I advise accepting as it can be dangerous. On the other hand I have two healthy children so it does work out OK x

Thom80 Fri 11-Mar-16 13:26:33

Claire - sorry unrelated to your question, but I am a type 1 diabetic currently 20 wks pregnant. Do you have any advice on how to deal with the next months? My diabetes is well controlled, and if anything I am prone to too many hypos. Any tips / advice / thoughts would be great. I Don't know any other type 1s.

claireL1991 Fri 11-Mar-16 15:20:56

Hey Hun congratulations!

Well done on keeping your bloods controlled, it's a hard thing to do!

My advice would be that you can't test too much. I'm sure this far on in your pregnancy you've been told how often to test so carry on as you are, I test about 10-15 times a day and I test once or twice through the night too.

As you get further along don't be surprised when you need more insulin. I'm on treble the amount I was on pre pregnancy now and it's still rising!
The hypos are just one of those things that we have to put up with. I'm starting to lose awareness of mine now so I'm having to test even more than normal.

Also, if things go wrong and you do get random highs then don't beat yourself up. These things will happen!

If you're interested in talking to other diabetics then have a look at DCUK forum, it's really good!!

Good luck
Claire x

KatamariDamacy Fri 11-Mar-16 15:50:00

Hi claire

I am currently pregnant with poly (38+6) but no diabetes. I've found they've pretty much left it up to me. I'm due to be induced tomorrow, partly because of the risk of my waters breaking leading to a possible cord prolapse (in both my previous pregnancies my waters going was the first sign of labour, although I didn't have poly in either pregnancy), partly because the excess fluid means baby has an unstable lie, and partly for reassurance as I'm terrified of my waters going at home when baby is transverse.

They're planning on doing controlled rupture of membranes and we'll see where we go from there.

They've been giving me regular scans, but mostly to check position. From my research, plenty of people with poly go term without their waters going - I'm anxious because of my history. Also, odds are if your waters do go, you'll just go into labour in a straightforward way. Have they told you your AFI (amniotic fluid index)?

Hope this helps.

Thom80 Fri 11-Mar-16 16:20:23

Clare - thank you for the advice. I have been testing more and I think you are right about testing a lot. I feel so guilty when my blood sugars occasionally rise. I am trying not to panic as much.
When did you find your insulin requirements went up? I have been watching for insulin resistance but so far my insulin levels have been relatively stable.
I will check out the DCUK forum.

TheDisillusionedAnarchist Fri 11-Mar-16 17:59:55

I had very significant polyhydramnious due to DD's T18 (the low muscle tone leads to poor swallowing) and didn't go into early labour. I did have some pre labour from 34 weeks ish but it never came to anything.

DD was born at 39 weeks, no cord prolapse and the polyhydramnious sure helped make labour fast and easy.

Buttwing Fri 11-Mar-16 18:13:46

Hi I had it with dc2 because of gestational diabetes. I was induced at 38 weeks and had my waters broken by the doctor. It didn't really affect my pregnancy I was quite big and I had to get straight to the hospital if my waters did go as there is a higher risk of cord prolapse. Dd was born with no problems and was 7lb13 so not huge!

On the plus side my bump went down quite quickly because it was all fluid!!

claireL1991 Sat 12-Mar-16 10:53:05

Thanks for your messages everyone you've all made me feel better and more positive about it smile

Claire x

claireL1991 Sat 12-Mar-16 10:55:11

Thom80 I found I was having to increase my insulin during the second trimester and increased it every week after that.
Are you on injections or a pump?

Claire x

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