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The only diet that has ever worked for me...

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Marquand Thu 10-Mar-16 12:20:11

... is pregnancy. This is the 3rd time round for me, and again I'm on track for a good weight loss. (Both previous times I weighed the same or less the day before giving birth, than when I fell pregnant).

At nearly 19 weeks my trousers are looser than they were before. They are actually a bit of a pain, because I have to keep pulling them up.

I'm now around 8kg less than when I fell pregnant (but still obese, according to my BMI). Of course, it is not the most pleasant diet in the world. Also, in spite of not breastfeeding with no 1, and breastfeeding with no 2, I ballooned after giving birth both previous times.

Let's see what happens this time round...

MrsBenWyatt Thu 10-Mar-16 13:56:43

Same here.
Size 12 before DC1 - size 10 after
Size 10 before DC2 - size 8 after

Had DC3 last week. Hoping to be back to normal soon, but still in Loungewear at the moment!

Marquand Fri 11-Mar-16 06:49:17

Wow MrsBen ... That's amazing! I started each pregnancy heavier, regardless of the weight I lost during the previous ones. Down & up, down & up.

Congratulations on DC3!

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