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51 wks pregnant with a chest infection

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Annafluffy80 Thu 10-Mar-16 06:05:23

Is there anything that the dr can do to help me if I go and see him?

Waypasttethersend Thu 10-Mar-16 06:07:40

I would think he'll be concerned you're over 11 weeks late shock

Assuming that's a typo you can have ABs so yes go!

scoobyloobyloo Thu 10-Mar-16 06:17:54

Are you an elephant?

Spanglecrab Thu 10-Mar-16 06:19:18

Or maybe measuring 51 weeks? Twins?

lunar1 Thu 10-Mar-16 06:25:46

Induce you I'd hope!

LetThereBeCupcakes Thu 10-Mar-16 06:42:12

I'd have thought you'd need antibiotics for the chest infection, there are plenty that are safe in pregnancy.

Give them a ring, someone should be able to tell you.

CaptainWarbeck Thu 10-Mar-16 06:46:38

If you're 51 weeks I'd say the chest infection is the least of your worries.

But seriously getting sick when you're pregnant is the worst. thanks

maybebabybee Thu 10-Mar-16 07:11:57

Jeez, I thought I was hard done by at only 40+2!!

possum18 Thu 10-Mar-16 07:23:07

Antibiotics cleared mine up when I was 16 weeks, now 32+4 (measuring 44 with twins) and had no problems. Are you measuring 51 weeks or just a typo shock?

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