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38 weeks and dehydration?

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MissMalteser Wed 09-Mar-16 11:08:34

38 weeks on Saturday and for the last couple of days I've really been struggling with what I thought was a head cold, however despite drinking literally litres of water through the night I have woken this morning with a headache, dried sinuses, chapped lips and a raging thirst I can't quench, I thought it was maybe just the weather and central heating but now I'm wondering if I should speak to my midwife or if this is a common side effect In late pregnancy?

MintyBojingles Wed 09-Mar-16 11:11:27

I'd speak to your midwife if only for reassurance- it's probably just a cold made worse by pregnancy. However excessive thirst and weeing can be a sign of diabetes, thought it would last more than a couple days.

MissMalteser Wed 09-Mar-16 11:16:56

Minty I was actually texted for gd last week as baby is measuring massive but it was all clear thank goodness! I am peeing around the same amount as usual but I feel it should be a lot more due to the amount I'm taking in and when I do go it's very dark in colour.... I will maybe try and call my community midwife and see what she thinks but my care so far has been pretty crap and I've lost faith a bit tbh sad

cantbelieveImquittingcoffee Wed 09-Mar-16 11:26:20

I've been told (though don't know if it's a scientific fact!) that plain water isn't quite as hydrating as when something is added - i.e. A squeeze of lemon or lime, herbal tea, some weak squash - might be worth a try? I seem to have got very thirsty the past few weeks (I'm almost 32 weeks) so perhaps it's normal, but maybe try some rehydration sachets like you take if you have an upset stomach and see if it helps?

Mummyme87 Wed 09-Mar-16 11:28:54

Sounds like a cold. Paracetamol, increase fluids and rest up. So many bugs and viruses going around. Hope you feel better soon

MissMalteser Wed 09-Mar-16 11:47:23

I have requested a callback from my lovely community midwife this afternoon, I am hoping she will just advise some rehydration sachets and some (more) rest, I am so sick of problem after problem this pregnancy, going to send dh for a humidifier this afternoon also to see if that's helps but my tongue is literally white, it's like the worst hangover without the good time the night before 😂

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