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Do I need to speak to a midwife or am I grand?

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99percentchocolate Wed 09-Mar-16 08:48:55

30 weeks and feeling utterly shit. If I list my symptoms would you tell me what you think it could be please?

- cough
- bad headache that doesn't ease with paracetamol
- seeing spots
- very bad nausea (taking ondansetron so pretty sure I would be vomiting a lot without that)
- had severe pain in the top of my bump on Monday that eased after a few minutes
- no energy and feeling utterly exhausted

katienana Wed 09-Mar-16 08:50:14

You need to call the midwife asap seeing spots and headache sound like pre eclampsia. Please get checked out asap

TattieHowkerz Wed 09-Mar-16 08:50:34

I'd have a quick chat with the midwife, particularly because of the seeing spots. You might need your blood pressure checked, so call them!

SmallBee Wed 09-Mar-16 08:51:21

Yep please call your midwife asap or visit your antenatal ward. Better safe than sorry.
Please let us know how it goes

Luc28 Wed 09-Mar-16 08:51:46

Definitely book in, I had similar symptoms and it was nothing other than cold viral bug combined with latter end of pregnancy but you can't be to careful, always best to get checked over. Have you got any swelling to hands and feet?

Ilovenannyplum Wed 09-Mar-16 08:52:16

I would call, they would always rather check to be on the safe side
Hope you're feeling better soon

TattieHowkerz Wed 09-Mar-16 08:52:37

I somehow missed the bad headache bit. Agree with the other posters who say you need to be seen ASAP.

Champagneformyrealfriends Wed 09-Mar-16 08:52:47

Potentially preeclampsia. Please ring your midwife now or go to your antenatal day unit. You need to be checked over it is very important.

Champagneformyrealfriends Wed 09-Mar-16 08:54:24

Seriously please ring now. I've just been diagnosed with mild pet and they are keeping a close eye on me-I didn't have half the symptoms. I'm not trying to scare you but I'll be worrying if you don't go and I don't even know you!

5madthings Wed 09-Mar-16 08:55:07

Call your midwife or delivery ward as head ache and seeing spots are signs of ore eclampsia and you need to be seen asap to rule that out.

99percentchocolate Wed 09-Mar-16 08:55:44

Damn. Told DM my symptoms and she started freaking out about PE too. No swelling at all so I discounted it. DD also has a cough and my Dsis had symptoms like this over the weekend too when I saw her so I'm sure it's a fluey bug that is going around but will ring the midwife now. Thank you all.

Champagneformyrealfriends Wed 09-Mar-16 08:57:16

You don't always have all the symptoms though. I'm really glad you're ringing them. Keep us posted op flowers

99percentchocolate Wed 09-Mar-16 09:05:26

Have phoned and the midwife is going to pop round to check my blood pressure and take a look at me.
Thanks all flowers

TattieHowkerz Wed 09-Mar-16 09:16:30

Great, hopefully it is just a bug but you really can't be too careful.

PeaceLoveAndJaffaCakes Wed 09-Mar-16 09:27:26

I had very mild PET with my only symptoms being a very mild headache that went away with paracetamol, and protein in my urine. No high blood pressure, visual disturbances or swelling, so all your symptoms are quite tell-tale and worrying. I hope all is well and that you feel better soon.

CityMole Wed 09-Mar-16 10:23:04

How did you get on?

All of those symptoms can individually be explained away quite innocently, especially if you are feeling like you have a bit of a cold (or the dreaded pregnancy sinusitis, which can cause migraine like visual disturbances) and pain along the bump isn't uncommon at 30 weeks, and exhaustion and nausea are just a hazard of being pregnant. However, so many symptoms all at once- definitely best to get it checked out to be on the safe side! really hoping you are ok x

Mummyme87 Wed 09-Mar-16 11:25:27

I would suggest attending your day assessment unit to see a midwife and have your BP and urine checked.
Nausea and vomiting
Visual disturbances
Pain on top of bump
All signs of pre eclampsia but also signs of other things. Best to be seen by a midwife in this scenario

OhShutUpThomas Wed 09-Mar-16 11:30:37

Hope everything's okay flowers

bessie84 Wed 09-Mar-16 11:59:41

hope your ok OP. I had these symptoms which lasted about 2 weeks and i called the midwife to checked, all fine, (viral bug) but better to be safe.

99percentchocolate Wed 09-Mar-16 12:21:44

Midwife has just been - BP and urine ok, just a bug luckily! Still feeling awful but glad it's nothing serious.
Thanks to all for the advice and checking in messages flowers

dhanariya Wed 09-Mar-16 12:25:26

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

SmallBee Wed 09-Mar-16 12:29:15

Glad you are OK op!

Champagneformyrealfriends Wed 09-Mar-16 12:49:14

I'm really glad you're ok! smile

PeaceLoveAndJaffaCakes Wed 09-Mar-16 14:24:28

So pleased you're alright smile

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