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Good ideas to help with morning sickness

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Summerblaze100 Wed 09-Mar-16 06:48:46

Help. I feel dreadful. I have 24 hr m/s. I haven't actually been sick just feel it all the time like I've got a bug. Feel like eating but as I put it up to my mouth I can't quite get it down.

Any tips that have helped you??

April2013 Wed 09-Mar-16 07:24:08

Go to a supermarket and see if anything vaguely appeals - when I was like this random things would seem edible, though what this was changed daily. Try v plain things like chips. Weirdly I could always get a McDonald's breakfast down. See if any drinks appeal. I was only sick a few times but had constant nausea too. Hope you feel better soon.

redtammy Wed 09-Mar-16 09:03:24

I found salt and vinegar crisps helped - I carried a tube of pringles everywhere and had 2 whenever I felt a wave of nausea.

Mummamayhem Wed 09-Mar-16 09:04:39

Drink some Pepsi or coke, I found the fizz helped for some reason.

ThePowerOfCake Wed 09-Mar-16 21:12:13

In my second pregnancy, drugs grin

You need to keep hydrated more than anything, so find something you can drink. For me it was orange flavoured things and VERY cold water. Try not to worry about a balanced diet, your baby will be fine.

I ate a fair amount of the following: plain crisps, chicken or cheese sandwiches, biscuits, fruit flavoured sweets (particularly lemon or orange), sugary breakfast cereals, chicken dippers.

I second the advice about just wandering in a supermarket to see what takes your fancy. I found this difficult as the sight of a lot of foods made my nausea worse, but I would suddenly have a eureka moment and get the stuff for a wotsit sandwich or whatever my body decided it could cope with at that exact moment in time.

TangerineTrees Wed 09-Mar-16 21:24:14

Really dry ginger biscuits. Might sound awful but if they're not too sweet then they might help! Apparently there's something to be said for ginger helping nausea generally & I found it worked in pregnancy.

Hope you find something!

QforCucumber Wed 09-Mar-16 21:26:30

Ice lollies for me, would go to Iceland and stock up every few days

AnnaMarlowe Wed 09-Mar-16 21:29:46

Jacobs cream crackers, ginger biscuits and polo mints helped (and I was throwing up 10 times a day)

KayTee87 Wed 09-Mar-16 21:52:58

I was terrible in my first trimester. Woke up feeling sick, was sick several times throughout the day, went to bed feeling sick, lost weight. In hindsight I maybe should have seen a doctor but you just think you'll get told to get on with it.
The only things I could stomach for a while were plain pasta with grated cheese, baked potato with grated cheese, toast, plain biscuits, porridge and water. Very cold diet coke sometimes helped the nausea but watch your caffeine intake.
Im 21 weeks now and there's still certain foods or smells I can't stomach.

ClaretAndBlue30 Wed 09-Mar-16 21:57:33

You have my sympathy! It's awful.

Have you tried seasickness bands? They helped me. Think I got mine from boots.

Second what others have says about wandering around a supermarket and seeing what catches your eye.

Food wise I found fresh French bread, potato waffles, bread sticks etc all helped. I was carb central for 13 weeks until it passed!

Hope you feel better soon flowers

Katarzyna79 Wed 09-Mar-16 22:08:29

yes trial and error OP buy small quantities of anything that you think you might like. because once you eat it you may decide bugger I hate this .

ive had it all pregnancy I'm due early may still got it but not as bad, I do make noises like throwing up and get severe heartburn in my throat if I don't eat regular.When I mean regular I mean every 30 mins to 1 hr just nibbles

cereal is always good less milk or lots experiment.

ditch tea and coffee that makes you feel more sick. maybe stick to 1 cup if you really need it in the morning. try mint tea actually really tastier than I thought, I first thght eugh that's toothpaste, but I actually like it! try it with no milk. or a glass of hot chocolate instead of caffine drinks.

cold milk keeps sickness at bay, although for me it stopped helping with heartburn after a few months. if you hate milk add bit of strawberry nesquick powder should taste better.

toast is good, let it cool have it crunchy even better! I hope you don't have heartburn too coz it restricts you further.

salted tortilla chips cheap brand coz theyre thinner and crunchier, no cheese just on their own taste amazing

starchy foods like potato mashed or baked with nothing but cheese or maybe tuna if it doesn't stink,it was like heaven to me lol but after a few month cheese gave me heartburn, dreaded heartburn is worse than nausea.

salted ritz or similar biscuits

my fave item in first few months: BOILED SWEETS. if you've eaten can't eat no more and still feel nausea suck on a boiled sweet. boiled strawberry custards, cola cubes, anything boiled that wont make the underside of your mouth sore, stay clear of pear drops theyre too rough lol. Be careful though you don't want diabetes don't finish a packet in one day

water flavoured with something you like I used blackcurrant really weak though. orange gave me heartburn

good luck you can speak to your midwife too, but mine gave me nothing. I guess if I was throwing up she would have I don't know.

after all this there may be many nights you go bed early just to avoid feeling the nausea or heartburn I did this a lot turned in at 9pm just to feel at ease it can drive you nuts I know.

Good luck OP hang in there it will reduce ina few months or if youre fortunate go away completely.

iamregina Thu 10-Mar-16 05:01:26

Hi there!

Right now, your ability to digest foods might be compromised. After all, you do have a baby growing inside of you, and that may squish your stomach a little bit. Many mothers have noted that well-cooked food ( is easier to handle during morning sickness moments, and that simple carbohydrates can be a better option when it comes to quashing digestive issues.

Also, did you ever notice how being uncomfortable makes the possibility of puking all too real? The best way to avoid making the problem even worse is to make yourself feel as comfortable as possible. Good ways to do this can include taking a relaxing Epsom salt bath, drinking a tall glass of water, distracting yourself by watching a favorite show on Netflix, or even just getting some comfortable breastfeeding dresses (I bought mine at that allow you to “breathe” a little bit.

I hope this helps!

SerenityReynolds Thu 10-Mar-16 05:10:56

Eat whatever appeals to you for a few weeks. If that's crisps/chips etc, so be it. I found constant grazing during the day made the sickness with DD2 more tolerable than sometimes avoiding eating with DD1. I also drank lots of ice cold water and sucked sherbet lemons. Lying flat on my back helped too, so did that a lot at home. This was my least favourite bit of both pregnancies sad - hope it subsides for you soon.

Cinnamon2013 Thu 10-Mar-16 05:56:36

Ice lollies helped me too, they numb your stomach a bit. Very loose clothes, no over the bump type maternity jeans, or anything that was constructive. Hope it passes very soon.

princesspineapple Thu 10-Mar-16 08:09:33

Another vote for ice lollies here! It was the best way for me to keep fluids down when I was suffering at my worst! You can always make your own with fruit juice and water if you're really keen on eating the "right" things smile

ThePowerOfCake Thu 10-Mar-16 21:18:37

Oh yes! Del monte do ice lollies that are just fruit juice! I ate a few boxes of the orange ones of those.

peasofcake Thu 10-Mar-16 21:24:03

Pancakes every morning for 6 months (new frying pan will be needed at the end) hope it passes for you soon.

scrumptiouscrumpets Fri 11-Mar-16 10:11:36

You have my sympathy, I had five weeks of feeling awful most days! What helped was eating cold food as it gives off less smell than warm food, and I found smells made me sick more than anything else. Also, eat small quantities of food at regular intervals - for me, that meant something like a yogurt or two bananas every hour. As soon as I felt a wave of nausea, I'd eat something, that was what helped most. Also, forget all the rules about healthy eating... If the only thing you can keep down is crisps and ice cream, then so be it. Better than not eating anything at all. You have the rest of the pregnancy to make up for the first few weeks of eating badly.
Hope you feel better soon flowers

Flowzer Fri 11-Mar-16 10:17:39

Try queezibics....very strong ginger biscuits designed for travel sickness. The ginger content is much higher and the sugar content much lower than ordinary ginger biscuits so they really help settle the stomach.

Working for me at the moment anyway!!

Michaelaleech3 Sat 12-Mar-16 00:59:35

Know exactly what you're going through I am 16 weeks and had 14 weeks of 24hr nausea and I am a type 1 diabetic confused so not ideal

Best advice is to eat whatever you can think of in that moment that you can handle. I did find a lot of the time that whatever I could eat, I wasn't able to eat again the next day as the thought of it made me feel sick! Don't freak out about a balanced diet just eat whatever you can, whenever you can! I couldn't eat ginger biscuits because of the sugar but found sugar free ginger tea a life saver in the first few weeks!

Good luck and hope you feel better soon! smile

Featherstep Sat 12-Mar-16 01:31:43

I found eating a banana first thing each morning helped. I discovered that I was MORE nauseous when hungry, though at the time I didn't feel hungry. But having something down (anything that doesn't make you gag) pre-empts more nausea.

Have some biscuits and sweets in your handbag always as well. As soon as I felt a wave of nausea, say on the way to work, I forced myself to chew on a biscuit or eat a sweet. That helped.

I also did the wandering around the supermarket thing choosing random foods thing, but some days just being in there among aisles of food made me sick!

Quodlibet Sat 12-Mar-16 01:36:40

I was also addicted to the Del monte ice lollies the first time round. Not so great in the winter. You have my sympathies, I had the nausea til 16 or 17 weeks this time around.

IndomitabIe Sat 12-Mar-16 01:44:08

Huge sympathy, OP.

I felt awful during my first pregnancy, and did a ton of research for this one.

There actually is a lot of evidence (well, enough to be documented in the Cochrane review, but more work needs to be done in this area) to support the efficacy of ginger in this. It was found that the equivalent of (something like) 2g dried root ginger has the same effect as taking a vitamin B6 supplement on reducing nausea (apparently this is often one of the first things GPs try).

Boots pregnancy multivitamins have the equivalent of this amount of ginger. (You'd have to eat huge chunks of fresh stuff to get the same benefit, way more than you could get in biscuits or tea).

The other thing that seemed to help me was rest. Getting even slightly tired made the sickness worse. So sleep as much as you can! Don't try to carry on as normal. Even if you feel ok, chances are you'll end up feeling worse the next day.

Good luck!

Melt90 Sat 12-Mar-16 07:53:11

I found aniseed sweets helped like the cough candy you can get I was never sick but felt it and it took it away xx

BikeRunSki Sat 12-Mar-16 08:01:06

Drugs and a hospital drip for me I am afraid. Your GP can prescribe anti-sickness drugs though, without you bring in hospital. This is important if you are having trouble staying hydrated.

Also, this website might help
Pregnancy sickness support

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