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raised AFP - increased spina bifida risk.

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TattieHowkerz Tue 08-Mar-16 14:33:06

I'm 16+3 and have just been told I have raised AFP, giving cause for concern that I'm at increased risk for my baby having Spina Bifida.

The combined test was normal. I've had scans at 7, 12 and 14 weeks, which were all normal (as far as was being looked at). Sonographer at 14 weeks was very cheery and lovely about how healthy the baby looked, pointing out brain hemispheres, heart chambers etc.

I've generally increased risks due to being diabetic and epileptic. Am on long term 5mg folic acid. Have a 4yo DD who has no difficulties. I'm 38.

I'll be having a detailed scan later in the week. Meanwhile any experiences or word of support or wisdom would be much appreciated.

Sophia1984 Tue 08-Mar-16 18:51:19

I'm not an expert, but just wanted to offer you support. From the bit of reading I have done about Spina Bifida, it's great that you are already on 5mg folic acid, as that should have reduced your risk. I know they can't always fully examine the spine at early scans, but maybe they will have been paying extra special attention because of your increased risks - have you had a look at your notes to see if they mention the spine? It also seems good that the brain looked normal, as I think that reduces the chance that there is anencephaly. Best of luck for your scan x

TattieHowkerz Tue 08-Mar-16 19:14:08

Thanks Sophia. I haven't looked at the notes but I think the so og rather made a passing positive comment about the spine. I'm feeling better than I did yesterday, but still worried and, from what I can tell, even if things go well at the scan it looks like we will have to be on guard for problems with the placenta etc. just hoping I am one of the false positives!

TattieHowkerz Thu 10-Mar-16 16:07:46

Just updating to say that my scan was fine, and there are no concerns about the baby.

Sophia1984 Thu 10-Mar-16 16:27:24

Hurray! Brilliant news :-) Hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend now.

Discofairypants Thu 10-Mar-16 20:15:56

That's great news! I had this with my first and they said the raised hormone could be for a number of reasons, one being a large placenta. When dd was born they couldn't believe how huge the placenta was!

Stressful time but great to get the all clear!

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