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Did a wrist brace help your carpal tunnel?

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malvinandhobbes Tue 08-Mar-16 13:19:11

I am 19 weeks pregnant and have very numb finger tips and some trouble with achey hands at night. My midwife has referred me to the occupational therapist, but warned me there is a several week wait. (We have one of the poorest Trusts in the UK)

Did a wrist brace help you? I am thinking of just buying one privately. Do you have any recommendations? I also need to buy an ergonomic keyboard, a telephone headset, and a pregnancy pillow.

Gah! I am an academic and hoped to write about 3 manuscripts and a grant in the next 4 months. This is my third baby. Why did I possible think I could carry on as normal during pregnancy?

Fifi10 Tue 08-Mar-16 14:14:53

If it's for your job your employer could be asked to provide the keyboard etc as part of reasonable adjustments- ask to be referred to your workplace occupational health dept.

georgiatraher Tue 08-Mar-16 16:09:42


Mine is not very bad, so it might be less helpful for more serious cases, but my RSI get's better after a day or two wearing a brace and taking antinflammatories.

Keyboard and mouse is very useful to make it less painful, also a wrist rest for infront of your keyboard, mine is jelly and fun to play with as well as easing the pain.

I got my brace privately, or you can order them on line for both hands.

malvinandhobbes Thu 10-Mar-16 11:31:51

geortia Thanks for that! I will go ahead and order what I need rather than wait for my turn on the waiting list.

Work will buy me what I need for my office, but I will purchase bits for home as well. I can be quite flexible with where I work, and sometimes I like to work from home. I don't think the uni would consider that a good reason to buy me two keyboards.

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