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Moving from Buckhurst Hill to walthamstow or stokey?

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Bellini239 Tue 08-Mar-16 08:16:27

Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to mumsnet so please forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong forum! So basically, we moved from central London to Buckhurst Hill a few years ago as my husband is from this area and we wanted to get onto the property ladder. Now, we're planning a family and I'm at a crossroads as to where I want to live at this stage of my life. I feel that I haven't settled into Buckhurst Hill as an area and really miss having the variety of restaurants and shops I did back in central London but also I find the commute to work starting to become too exhausted on the packed central line. On one hand I'm torn because nurseries are v good value in Buckhurst Hill compared to central London but also my husband's family all live in the area and would help me with childcare etc. Also I really love snaresbrook prepatory school... My husband went to chigwell but he favours snaresbrook more given its great academic results... Can anyone advise me or share their opinion as this topic is making me crazy!!!!! Thanks

BeardMinge Tue 08-Mar-16 09:40:32

Stokey is lovely, but no tube can be a bit of a pita, although train into Liverpool St is pretty quick, plus the overground is only up the road in Dalston. Cons - property is eyewateringly expensive, you can barely move up and down Church St at the weekend for all the bloody Bugaboo Bees. Which I didn't find any less irritating once I had a baby of my own. Nice place to have small children though as there's a lot going on activity wise, good leisure centre, and a lovely park.

I do know a fair few young families who have moved from Hackney to the 'stow, you get more for your money propertywise, but it's still stupid prices and pretty grotty in parts. William Morris museum is good though and Lloyd Pk area quite nice.

Leyton seems to be where people are moving now, but you have to put up with the Central Line.

Or have you considered The Ladder in Harringay? The roads directly off of Green Lanes. You can get a decent sized house for £750k, flats for £500k and it's equidistant from Stokey/Crouch End/Stroud Green/Wood Green, plus overground, Piccadilly & Vicky lines, and lots of bus routes. Lots going on for kids and a couple of lovely big parks.

Bellini239 Tue 08-Mar-16 13:11:18

Hi beardminge, thanks so much for your reply, it was super useful and interesting... I love Stoke Newington and before I moved to Bucky Hill we lived just by Newington Green... I just feel that Buckhurst Hill isn't an area is want to have a family in and it's just so boring frankly! I love eating out and obviously Church street has a lot going on but as you said it does worry me about the lack of tube station, but guess I could just bus it to islington perhaps. Do you live in stokey? I want to live in a vibrant area but not too far flung from London as me and my partner both have pretty demanding jobs. Walthamstow, yeah, there are pockets of value but I agree, apart from the village most of it is a bit grim!!!!! I was also maybe considering St. Albans but then I'm worried I'll be even more segregated from London.... Gosh what to do eh?!!! I'm stokey are there a lot of meet up groups? Thanks x

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