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Worried about pre eclampsia :(

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Chloeisobelle21 Mon 07-Mar-16 20:59:11

Earlier on today I was feeding my daughter when I suddenly had stars in my vision, really pretty and strange. Anyway after a min they faded but I thought to myself hang on that can be a sign of pre eclampsia so I got on the phone to the hospital and spoke to a midwife who asked me a few questions, I told her I have my own BP machine at home so she asked me to take my BP and she would hold on the phone. Well my BP at first was 124/85! Well that's high to my knowledge so I took it again and it went down to 75. I got back on the phone and told her and she just said oh that's fine we worry when it's in the 90's. Well it wasn't far off!
Now I'm a paranoid mess taking my BP constantly and the bottom number is ranging from 81 to 75. I'm in a tizzy and scared to go to sleep in case it is eclampsia!

Eachleechsparethumb Mon 07-Mar-16 21:04:25

Over 90 is high bp. How old is your baby?

Minnie2000 Mon 07-Mar-16 21:05:12

No wonder your blood pressure is all over the place-you're driving yourself bonkers taking it again and again! Try to calm down, have a large glass of water (possibly a factor in the original seeing stars). Have you had a bad headache, or any pain at all? Your bp at present is totally normal. If you are feeling well it is highly unlikely you have anything to worry about. Try to get some rest flowers

Chloeisobelle21 Mon 07-Mar-16 21:08:36

Thanks, I'm 32 weeks pregnant. I feel alright, the usual aches and pains. And today I did have about an hour where I felt rough. 85 just seems so high, it hasn't been 85 since just ranging from 75 to 81.
I haven't had any headaches recently no, she did ask me that on the phone, and also had I been sick. Which I haven't either. I know a girl who nearly died from eclampsia and her baby too so that's why I'm getting in a flap. Driving me nutty taking it so much but I'm scared to go to sleep in case it is eclampsia and it comes on fast and I have no one here to help me sad

Feelingblue222 Mon 07-Mar-16 21:28:24

Try to relax, the worst thing to do is worry yourself more!

Nothing will happen overnight, but if you are still worried ring the MW again tomorrow and explain your worries - they should be happy to see you to take BP (home machines not always too accurate) and take a urine sample, if your pee is clear then you're fine.

When I had PE my BP went to over 100 before it affected baby, at 85 the docs were not worried in the slightest.

CockwombleJeff Mon 07-Mar-16 21:38:59

Your BP is fine.

Anything over 90 ( bottom figure ) is considered high.

You're nowhere near that!

But you will be if you keep stressing !!

Sophia1984 Mon 07-Mar-16 21:48:38

My first thought was that you probably have low blood pressure that's making you dizzy. If your midwife was worried, she would have sent you to hospital - I ended up getting sent to A&E with trapped wind because of a paranoid 111 operator!

Champagneformyrealfriends Mon 07-Mar-16 21:50:14

They treat pre eclampsia when BP is 150/100 or higher. I was in hospital last week and have been diagnosed with mild pre eclampsia. A diastolic of 85 is borderline but they wouldn't medicate you afaik. Mine was anything from 122/72 to 156/104.

I have been instructed to rest and see my mw more often, but I also had protein in my urine.

Try not to worry but speak to your mw about your

Champagneformyrealfriends Mon 07-Mar-16 21:55:49

Also from my experience in hospital if they think that you're at risk then they will deliver your baby. That's what I'm focusing on.

LBOCS2 Mon 07-Mar-16 21:57:38

That's not necessarily true Champagne - I was treated for preeclampsia at 140/90 because my booking in (and subsequent) BPs were all around the 120/60 mark; the increase was dramatic and sudden - plus I had a lot of protein in samples and the 24hr test they did.

Having said all of that, the criteria for PE is a sustained high BP and protein, so the fact that your blood pressure has come down is a very good sign smile

Champagneformyrealfriends Mon 07-Mar-16 22:05:06

I stand corrected! smile

LBOCS2 Mon 07-Mar-16 22:10:53


32 weeks is quite early onset. There are also aura migraines which sometimes come on during pregnancy (I get the visual disturbances without the headache) and other things which can make you feel funny, it's not necessarily PE.

And as champagne says, if they get concerned they'll deliver. My PE was monitored from 34 weeks and I was induced at 38 weeks as they decided we were better off out than in. It was all fine.

ShootTheMoon Mon 07-Mar-16 22:11:20

If it helps to know, you can have high blood pressure without having PE; I had lots if readings in pregnancy over 150/100 and definitely over 140/90, but had gestational hypertension rather than PE. 85 isn't especially high and you need two high readings four hours apart for any action to be taken.

Do watch out for other signs obviously but one moderately high reading in isolation isn't usually a concern. Seeing spots can be a blood pressure change but unless it happens again I wouldn't worry.

See your MW if symptoms persist.

Chloeisobelle21 Tue 08-Mar-16 07:16:49

Thanks everyone, I'm just really quick at getting myself into a fluster with things like this. I've taken my BP this morning and it's 120/68 so I'm glad it's gone down into the 60's. I've woken up with a bit of a headache this morning so that's always great for helping my eclampsia worry! I'm seeing my midwife on the 11th so I'll mention it to her then, it's so hard to not keep taking it now just to make sure it isn't hitting the 90's range.

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