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Glucose tolerance test results, hospital says GD, gp says IGT

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makingmiracles Mon 07-Mar-16 14:14:30

Anyone had borderline results when they've had a GTT?

My results were 7.8 after fasting and 8.3 after the glucose drink and 2 hrs.
The hospital rang to say I have GD and that I've got to go in to see them this week, but my Gp says I've not got GD and that I'm glucose tolerance impaired.

When I looked at the WHO guidelines they say a result over 11.1 is classified as GD, which 8.3 is nowhere near...

Looks like even though I'm on the fence I will be forced into consultant led care and miss out on the birthing unit, gutted is an understatement.

Anyone else had a borderline result and ended up back with midwife led care?

Aus26 Mon 07-Mar-16 15:23:52

Here are the NICE guidelines on GD: based on these it sounds like GD is the correct diagnosis for you.

For what it's worth I got much lower results than yours and have been diagnosed with GD, as has a friend of mine, though in both cases we have been told that we are most definitely borderline. My fasting reading was 5.5 and after the glucose drink my reading was within limits (I think it was 5.8). A friend of mine was diagnosed with GD last week with fasting reading of 5.3 and a similar reading as mine for the second test (so under threshold).

Despite my readings being below threshold - they asked me to monitor my diet for 2 weeks anyway. In those 2 weeks I was given steriods, had to fast for 18 hours twice due to needing to be anesthetised, was over night in hospital twice (ironically hospital food is not GD friendly!), and lost a baby (I was expecting twins) so needless to say it isn't surprising that some of my readings in those two weeks were a wee bit high at times. Annoyingly the diabetes consultants did not give me any slack and I now find myself on metformin and injecting myself with insulin in the evenings.

May09Bump Mon 07-Mar-16 15:55:28

I wouldn't say your results are borderline.

Nice guidance: Diagnose gestational diabetes if the woman has either:
a fasting plasma glucose level of 5.6 mmol/litre or above or
a 2‑hour plasma glucose level of 7.8 mmol/litre or above. [new 2015]

Both of your results are above the diagnosis limits - your fasting one is actually the same as the limit for 2 hr glucose one, which is quite high.

I had gestational diabetes in my first pregnancy and ended up on insulin, even though diet was very controlled. My initial readings were less than yours and baby was big - 9.10lbs. My advice is to see the hospital GD clinic asap, get the diet / exercise plans and ask for a blood sugar monitor kit. The earlier you start to manage the condition, the better you can control the weight gain for the baby and health effects for you.

I'm 32 weeks with my second and have managed to hold off gestational diabetes with a controlled diet and exercise from the start. My blood sugars are rising - but hopefully I can keep blood sugars from rising for another couple of weeks. I may still be consultant led as labour might tip me over into needing an insulin drip.

Just discuss with the diabetes clinic whether you have to be in the consultant led unit - it may depend on whether you need insulin / the baby is big, etc. Also make sure they give you a couple more scans to see how the baby is positioned and weight.

I would also take the Consultants advice over the GP's opinion.

HTKB Mon 07-Mar-16 15:58:31

GP is totally wrong here.... NICE guidelines as linked to above are quite clear.

The values were changed in May last year, but even so you would still have failed both the tests (it was 6 fasting and 8 2 hours post lucozade)

makingmiracles Mon 07-Mar-16 17:41:26

Ah poo, not what I wanted to hear, wonder why the nice guidelines differ so much from the WHO guidelineshmm

I've always had big babies, all around the 9lb mark and as for growth scans I had those with my first dc and found them to be quite unrealiable.

Have appt later this wk at the GD clinic so will go along to that, in the meantime I'll watch what I'm eating and drinking and increase excercise.

Impatientwino Mon 07-Mar-16 20:19:11

I had a 7.8 result at 30 weeks and had to test my blood sugar for the rest of my pregnancy. Was a pain but I didn't score many high readings, just the odd one so no medication. I sobbed when I learnt I couldn't have the lovely water birth in the midwife centre that I'd wanted so I understand your disappointment.

It also meant that I was scheduled for extra scans for growth which was nice to keep a check on baby.

It was at the 36 week scan that they discovered that my baby was in fact breech and stuck firmly in a V shape in my pelvis. The consultant said there was no way on earth my baby would have been able to move out so I would have had a terrible time had I gone into natural labour so glad it happened now!

You never know what's going to happen...

HTKB Mon 07-Mar-16 20:33:33

At my hospital if you keep it diet controlled or just metformin they treat you as low risk in labour.... So water birth/intermittent monitoring etc all as standard. So all may not be lost!

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