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Just after a bit of reassurance

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sophied1983 Mon 07-Mar-16 11:22:04

So on Thursday evening, one of our kitchen cupboards fell off the wall onto me (pic attached). Luckily I saw it go, so managed to put my hands up and protect myself - otherwise the whole thing would have smashed down on my head and all the crockery within it would have fallen out and smashed around me!

We went to A&E just to be on the safe side and they gave me some extra strong painkillers to help with the headache.

But I can't stop thinking about baby. At A&E, they just reassured me that babies are super resilient and well-protected. They wouldn't check me over re: baby. Unfortunately it has increased my anxiety levels to some catastrophic degree.

I just can't stop worrying and I'm not seeing midwife until 1st April which is so far off.

Think I just need some comforting thoughts from you all!

ODog Mon 07-Mar-16 12:13:05

I read somewhere that you have to virtually kill the mother to kill a baby in utero. I'm sure you will be fine but call your mw and I'm sure they will let you Pop into the clinic and check heartbeat etc.

Artioo2 Mon 07-Mar-16 13:02:37

How many weeks are you? I'm sure you're absolutely fine, but if you can't shake the anxiety I would also call the midwife, explain and ask to see them earlier.

sophied1983 Mon 07-Mar-16 13:18:52

14 weeks today.

Yes... you're right.

I just had it in my head they'd check the heartbeat at A&E but on reflection, that was daft - of course they wouldn't unless there was a serious risk to bubba.

I couldn't stop crying afterwards, think it was the shock sad

I also made the mistake of buying a doppler which I think has fuelled the anxiety even more. I'm not sure novices should use them and it hasn't calmed me down - has made me feel worse!

kamillaw Mon 07-Mar-16 13:39:50

Given that midwives won't use a Doppler pre 16 weeks I would not worry about that! If the cupboard didn't bang your bump hard and there is no bleeding I would try not to worry too much. I slipped and fell down stone steps at 25 weeks pg so much so I have a dent in my bum... The two year old is running round like a loonatic!

Junosmum Mon 07-Mar-16 14:10:06

Yeah, if the cupboard didn't hit bump, then bump is fine! They wouldn't check bump as there is little risk to bump.

FWIW, I fitted a kitchen whilst pregnant- plenty of heavy lifting and yes, a few cupboards fell on me. You, and bump, will be totally fine.

srslylikeomg Mon 07-Mar-16 14:14:41

I got kicked in the stomach whilst pregnant- accidentally at the swimming pool. The baby was fine. Honestly: they are extremely well protected in there! If the medics weren't worried you shouldn't be. Try to relax smile

JemimapuddleducK02 Mon 07-Mar-16 14:30:26

I fell through the loft floor and half my body was hanging down when I was around 7 months, I was too impatient for my husband to put things away up there, So decided to do myself! Baby was absolutely fine smile

Jw35 Mon 07-Mar-16 14:40:16

Aw poor you! I fell over onto my stomach when I wa around 24 weeks pregnant last pregnancy and I was so worried! Luckily it was fine. I can't get a heartbeat on my Doppler at 17 weeks this pregnancy but I know baby's fine because they move a lot! Don't worry about the Doppler. You could book a private scan for around £60 if you wanted to but the baby is going to fine! Try not to worry thanks

sophied1983 Mon 07-Mar-16 15:07:39

Just called the Maternity Helpline. Because I am Rhesus Negative, they've advised that I go in and have my Anti-D injection now rather than later on in pregnancy. Any trauma to the body requires it apparently, so it's a good job I checked. And hopefully will get to talk to a doctor or midwife there for some extra reassurance.

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