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Bullied at work

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Jodie992 Mon 07-Mar-16 10:11:08

I don't know if I'm posting in the right place - apologies if not!

I'm completely at a loss at work. In a nutshell I am 16 weeks pregnant with twins I told my work early (8 weeks due to having a miscarriage previously) and since I have told them I have had nothing but grief. I feel at rock bottom as I know I have to save as much as possible for these babies but I have called in sick today because the thought of going in and dealing with the issues has reduced me to tears.

I feel extremely stressed out and I am worried that this can effect my pregnancy.

I'm going to list some of the things I am having to deal with and if any of you can give me some advice or have experienced this before - been through tribunals etc please let me know...

My boss smokes in the office (illegal yes I know) either out of the window or downstairs in a room next to the kitchen - it makes the office smell vile.

My holiday was cancelled as my managers assumed I would no longer be going due to me not being able to fly - another team member then booked the same time and as only 1 member of staff can be off at a time I was asked to email my version of events so they can consider it being reinstated - I have emailed them 3 times since January and still do not have a response.

My work has been cut, i work on commission as well as a basic salary, so now my wages have dropped.

My manager tried to change my job role so that I was not dealing with any commission based work and instead all of the companies backlog of work, taking on 3 other people's work as they had left and all customer complaints - the morning he wanted me to start doing this I had 315 emails forwarded to me in the space of two hours.

Another employee who has only been there for two months is acting as a manger, training all new staff, interviewing new staff and now managing how much work I am doing (purposely giving me work I will not be paid commission on) and being really rude to me in front of new staff bellitling me. She also denies she had been promoted however I have heard that she has it's just they are not telling me as obviously I have been discriminated against.

I have my manager shout at me at my desk for things that aren't even my fault! I am constantly having to defend myself.

There's is so much more and I have been keeping a diary of everything that has been happening but all I want to do is go to work earn my money and provide for my family. If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated.


A very stressed out mum to be xx

Iggi999 Mon 07-Mar-16 10:16:02

I have only read the first couple of paragraphs before "union" is screaming out at me. This is terrible behaviour for them. If you haven't already, note down everything that has happened since you told them that you view as unfair. You're probably going to say you're not in a union which leaves me a bit stumped. Does the company have an HR department or is it too small? Please be assured that even though employers may not be happy when an employee is pg, it is not normal for them to behave like this.
There is an employment rights section, please repost on there and people with more knowledge than me will reply.
Many congratulations on your (double) pregnancy. flowers

AnotherEmma Mon 07-Mar-16 10:18:08

Your employer sounds awful sad

I suggest you talk to CAB, they can advise on how to raise a grievance at work and how to deal with discrimination. There is some info on their website:
But do talk to them as well.

You could also call the Maternity Action helpline but it won't be open until Wednesday

Have you considered looking for another job? In the long run that may well be better for you. You can still challenge this employer even if you leave.

Bellasima20 Mon 07-Mar-16 10:18:35

OP- my instinct is saying leave and raise a grievance against your company, so much of what they are doing is completely illegal. You shouldn't have to spend the rest of your pregnancy this stressed.

Get direct advice from these fab organisations-

but I'd seriously consider leaving and try to get some pay out.

April2013 Mon 07-Mar-16 10:18:37

Oh you poor thing this sounds awful. I'm no expert but you could try ringing the ACAS helpline initially for advice -

Best of luck and congratulations

AnotherEmma Mon 07-Mar-16 10:23:51

Another link for you:

Jodie992 Mon 07-Mar-16 10:34:40

I looked at signing up yesterday and I would need to wait four weeks for legal advice which I'm considering doing however I don't know if I can cope it is an awful atmosphere to sit in all day.

Unfortunately it is a small office we have no HR only my manager (who is the owner) and two female employees who act as managers including the new starter.

I'm worried if I raise a grievance with them it will be laughed at and the bitching in the office would be worse although they would be covering their back with anything I have raised which is illegal - I feel like I'm in school being bullied by the "bitchy girls".

Thank you for all your comments I really do appreciate any advice.

I'm trying to not let this cloud the fact that I have so many amazing things happening in my life it's just very hard - if anything I feel guilty for feeling this way i should be concentrating on the good things!

AnotherEmma Mon 07-Mar-16 10:40:04

You can contact CAB now without waiting 4 weeks.

I would also start looking for a new job, you shouldn't have to stay in this environment for the rest of your pregnancy.

You would be entitled to Maternity Allowance rather than SMP if you changed jobs.

SirNiallDementia Mon 07-Mar-16 10:56:18

You might want to get this moved to the "Employment" section as there are some HR and legal people on there who give excellent advice.

If you haven't done so already, I suggest you hold a meeting with your manager and use your list to tell her exactly what is wrong (with examples) and how you are being treated differently because of your pregnancy. Tell her exactly what needs to happen to put things right - e.g. you want the job you are contracted to do back, no smoking in office, commission arrangements reinstated.

You may also wish to print off the advice from ACAS on pregnancy at work and her responsibilities as a manager (e.g a risk assessment needs to be completed - and smoking in the office would be considered a risk!).

Tell her if she fails to put things right you will have no alternative but to raise a formal grievance and/ or leave and make a claim of constructive dismissal and/ or a discrimination and/ or breach of contract as appropriate (in the case of discrimination there is no limit to the award (fine) employers can be made to pay so this could be a costly exercise for your boss).

Alternatively if you do want to leave, you could use all the above as a bargaining tool to try and get a decent compromise agreement (where the business pays you a lump sum to leave and you agree NOT to make any future claims against the business).

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