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help..I'm so confused.

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RosieMay95 Sun 06-Mar-16 02:03:14

So from my last period 10th January. I should be 8 weeks. I had some light bleeding and some cramps. Because of previous ectopic pregancy (they removed my left tube) and a missed misscarriage 5 months ago I took myself to the hospital.
I was taken to EPU and they done an internal scan to find only a sac. Shouldn't there be a baby there by now???
I've got an appointment to go back for another scan in 2 weeks time and told to stay calm and just see how that appointment goes, but obviously I'm going out of my mind. Could this be happening again?

3 Weeks ago I took a digital pregnacy test which said 1-2 weeks, so technically adding up I should only be 5 weeks, which is keeping me optimistic.

Has this ever happened to anyone before? Is this normal?

Sorry for rambling but wanted to get everything down.

Any comments would be good, positive or negative.

Thank you xx

Lovemylittlebears Sun 06-Mar-16 02:47:20

Hi Rosie

I had this happen to me but unfortunately not with a good outcome as I knew when I had ovulated so we should have seen a yolk sac and fetal pole during my scan. I do have a friend however who could have ovulated late and she had some slight bleeding and everything was fine. Her little one now five months old. I feel for you, I had an ectopic and two early miscarriages. But lying awake next to my little miracle baby now smile if you want to know outcome sooner you could ask for hcg blood tests to see if it rises appropriately. You can get done privately if nhs won't help. Fingers crossed you have a positive outcome xxx

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