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skaterVickx Sun 06-Mar-16 00:10:40

So got a bit of a confusing situation.....

I came on my "period" 2 weeks ago with the normal build up, bad cramps (which is normal for me) but it was little darker in colour (not the usual colour), lighter (usually heavy) and lasted 2 days (normally 5-7 days. I stopped bleeding, day 3 no blood, But then on day 4 started spotting pinky red (but not bright red if this makes sence). Spotted for 3 days. Which would take it to my average 5day bleeding time. This hasnt happened before. Ive spotted in my previous 2 pregnancies but never bled then stopped then spotted.

On thursday night i started with a sore throat befor ei went to bed. I got up yesturday morning feeling so tired, sick, worse sore throat, dizzy and massive migraine that painkillers got rid of for about half hour which all lasted the whole day resulting in me laying on sofa all day and could eat anything and smell of quavers made me feel so sick (i love quavers) and turned down chocolate! Went to bed feeling sick and dizzy. This morning i had to go to work, feeling dizzy, bit sick still light headed and had to lean on stuff at work to keep me upright. But no migraine (thank goodnes!) But still very tired.

With all that being said i know that half (if not all) of these are also ovulation symptoms and i am spose to ovulate today, but i took a cheap test (cant afford clear blue at min) and very strong single pink negative line. Not even a faint positive. But i only did it an hour ago. Using the second one in the morning as you should just in case.

Has anyone else had this happen to them. If so did it turn out to be pregnancy? Or just a dodgy period and dodgy ovulation? hmm

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