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Leg throbbing

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Carla42 Sat 05-Mar-16 20:45:51

Hi all

I've been noticing in the evening (once I'm in bed) that my legs are throbbing. Sometimes it feels like cramp, but often it's an ache / beating.

Does anyone else have this?? I mentioned to midwife but she just referred me to physio (in my head I'm worrying about something serious like DVT).

I'm 19 weeks pregnant and have had this since around 15 weeks.


Grizzer Sun 06-Mar-16 12:54:35

Hi Carla, I can't help with what it might be but I had a DVT after first pregnancy & it started with flu like symptoms & then my leg swelled up & turned purple. If your pain is only in the evening, I doubt it's a DVT. Are you on your feet throughout the day? Maybe it's just pressure from the extra weight you're carrying?
Maybe go to GP if you're concerned.

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