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Fabulous hair and skin?

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socktastic Sat 05-Mar-16 07:48:15

I've been lied to! I've got dry skin all over my body - I've never had a problem with dry skin, ever and no amount of moisturising is doing any good. At the point now I can't wear a foundation as it shows up all the dry patches on my face.

As for the silky, amazing lustrous hair I'm meant to have... I've got lots of extra hair along my hair line but it sticks up and frizzes out in all directions.

I feel I have been short changed!!

sizethree Sat 05-Mar-16 07:55:19

Be grateful that after pregnancy skin and hair will return to normal.
I usually suffer from eczema and thin lifeless hair, and in pregnancy my skin cleared up and looked glowing and my hair was a mane of luscious brunette locks.
Now with a 4 month old baby I am a wreck! Skin awful again, thinning hair and looking like s**t on a stick from sleep derprivation. Reckon my daughter will be an only child as my poor husband must be repelled!

Missingcaffeine Sat 05-Mar-16 08:27:08

My skin was horrible at the start of both pregnancies, but both hair and skin improved as the pregnancy progressed and was lovely towards the final trimester and whilst I was breastfeeding for the year after baby was born.

Pagetta Sat 05-Mar-16 14:48:51

I feel your pain - my skin is a hotchpotch of dry patches and big under skin spots.
I have extra hair growing all round my hair line too so I have to style it every day as if I try to tie it back it looks like some weird mane ha!
Saying that my hair is thick and shiny - just the extra frizz causing me pain!
I was asking peeps here for skin advice the other day I'll find the thread....

Pagetta Sat 05-Mar-16 14:50:19

Good dry skin advice

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