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Help - induction day 3, nothing doing ...

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ToffeeForEveryone Sat 05-Mar-16 06:11:13

I was induced with prostin 3.30 on Thursday, waters broke 2.30 am Friday but mild contractions never got beyond every 7 mins ish. Prostin out Friday afternoon around 3 and 1cm dialated. Contractions since around every 15-20 mins, really sowed now - enough to keep me awake and uncomfortable but not really progressing. Waiting to be transferred to another ward for the drip, which i really didnt want, no indication when that will be.

I'm really demoralised. Have had minimal sleep and finding it hard to stay positive. I'm so tired already and it's not even really started!

Worrying about infection risk as it's been over 24 hours since waters going too but I'm still just sitting here and wards are busy. Baby being monitored and seems fine for now.

Don't really know what I'm asking - for sympathy mostly! Any tips on how to stay focused and summon up some strength for labour greatly appreciated!

Kr1stina Sat 05-Mar-16 06:13:58

I'm so sorry, no wonder you are tired :-(

I have no good advice for you I'm afraid but I'm sure someone will be along soon .

Sorebigtoes Sat 05-Mar-16 19:44:02

Hope something's happening by now. I, too, got stuck waiting for rooms when halfway through induction. It was horrible (and had some terrible care from midwives). Things sped up when I lost the plot and cried a lot - I can recommend it! Suddenly had own room, drip, peace and quiet. Good luck!

HeffalumpHistory Sat 05-Mar-16 19:47:54

You poor thing! Hope everything is well on the way (or your bundle is here!) and is as smooth as possible flowers

ToffeeForEveryone Sun 06-Mar-16 19:09:44

Thanks all - just to say we survived! Beautiful boy born just after midnight on Mothers Day 😊

Started drip around midday Saturday, managed 3.5 hours on g&a before opting for epidural. I had really wanted to avoid epidural on birth plan but in the end I was just too knackered to focus, and was sooooo glad I got one. It was amazing not just for the pain relief but I got a good couple hours sleep and the chance to refocus on looking forward to baby. 4cms at 4 hours in, but unfortunately still 4cms at 10 hours, so instead of risking baby getting distressed by continung to try it was delivery by cs in the end.

Nothing really went to plan at all, and me and DH are beyond tired now, but overall so so worth it for my new little man who is too beautiful for words ☺

Kr1stina Mon 07-Mar-16 21:12:31

Congratulations on your son !

And well done for coping with your very long ordeal , it's sounds awful . I hope you manage to get plenty of rest and make a speedy recovery . Please let your DH and friends and family do everything to help you - you have enough to do dealing with the baby.

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