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Any Pregnant Women in Leeds?

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lorrainebrennan Tue 02-Jan-07 15:14:06

Hi All
Only just joined this site today in a bid to meet people. My hisband and I moved to Kirkstall, Leeds in May and due to long working hours have not been very successful yet at making new friends. Am 17 weeks pregnant and now living away from mine and my husbands family and it would be lovely to meet people locally who are pregnant also or who have children already. If you are local, drop me a line and maybe we can meet for a coffee sometime?
Speak to you all soon!
Take Care
Lorraine x

joanna4 Tue 02-Jan-07 16:35:49

I am not pregnant but i do live in bramley locally next town to where you are moving.
Surestart is very big in this area of leeds and have lots of things running for mums and mums to be I am sure you will not be short of things to keep you busy once you go on leave.
My own 2 are 10 and 12 now.
hope everything goes smoothly

FurryFox Tue 02-Jan-07 16:55:46

Lorraine, have you tried posting on the Meet-up's thread?

thewilderbeast Tue 02-Jan-07 18:00:39

Hello there,

I am in Leeds, just up the hill from you in the shadow of the prison (though i prefer to think of it as a castle). I am due in April. Not around much as i am currently working in Staffordshire during the week, but am around most weekends and due to finish work mid march. Am also keen to meet up, don't know any pregnant ladies in the area as yet, though start NCT in Feb.

Shall we start a thread in the meet up bit and try and gather some more?

Yorkiegirl Tue 02-Jan-07 18:09:44

Message withdrawn

DizzyBint Tue 02-Jan-07 18:14:32

i'm in leeds with my 7 month old dd. we're near morley, in tingley. my in laws live in kirkstall. i'd be up for a meet up. there are quite a few of us aren't there?!

nuttygirl Tue 02-Jan-07 22:32:02

Hiya Yorkiegirl, hope you're ok. Did you manage to get all the chef stuff delivered? Haven't used any of mine yet as I just got back from my parents yesterday having spent xmas and new year there.

Wilderbeast...didn't realise you lived in Leeds I'm due in April too. Not doing the NCT classes tho, are you doing the NHS ones aswell? Planning on having baby at LGI, how about you?

I'd be up for a meet up sometime...though I don't have any transport except for at a weekend so would have to be somewhere i could get to on the bus!

hunkermunker Tue 02-Jan-07 22:33:19

Welcome to MN.

And I want to post "yes, lots, probably" in answer to your thread title

tribpot Tue 02-Jan-07 22:36:57

Welcome! I'm in Cookridge, and auntymandy is just over the hill (not in age terms of course!) and pregnant too, well done her.

Hope we can meet up soon.

MamaG Tue 02-Jan-07 22:43:27

ooh joanna4 where do you live? OK, don't answer that

I went to Intake High School

MamaG Tue 02-Jan-07 22:44:01

I don't live in Leeds any more BTW, just thought I'd crash the thread

ThisTime Tue 02-Jan-07 22:50:39

Mama G I went to Intake too - what years were you there? I still live in Leeds!

Im new too, I live in Woodlesford.

Daisypops Tue 02-Jan-07 22:50:47

I'm in Bradford just down the road from Kirkstall and up for a meet up. Am 39 weeks pregnant on Thursday

spiker Tue 02-Jan-07 22:56:09

me too for the meet up... I'm in Horsforth. I'm not pregnant (well I don't think so, still BF so I'm a bit in the dark) but I have 2 DSs. I moved to Leeds from London last year (4 days before I went into labour) so I'm still at the making friends stage too.

Pregnant for the first you really want to meet us and all our kids??!! It might be a terrible shock.

ThisTime Tue 02-Jan-07 23:08:14

Hi All - I have started a Meet-Up thread for Leeds. In the light of being new have no idea of the best thing to write so have just put my DS age and how I would get there!

MamaG Wed 03-Jan-07 10:28:10

Hi ThisTime! I'm 32 now - are you a similar age? We might know each other!!

ThisTime Wed 03-Jan-07 19:29:18

Hi Mama G - Im 31 in March, was at Intake 89-92 and the lovely Mr Beech was my Tutor. People in my year were Angela Griffin, Becky Mather etc (thinking of the popular people!)Were you in the likes of Mel B's year or the pnes above that?

MamaG Thu 04-Jan-07 15:15:10

Yes, I was in Mel B's year - we probably passed each other in the corridors! Mr Blakesley was my tutor (horrid little toad)

My favourite teacher was Ms Ralph, do you remember her? She taught drama - oh and the one wiht the curly brown hair who taught child care (can't remember her name)

MamaG Thu 04-Jan-07 15:15:43

...probaby passed each other in the corridors referred to me and you, ThisTime BTW

auntymandy Sat 06-Jan-07 08:35:17

just spotted this thread..after starting one similar a couple of mins ago!!!
I am not far from you lorraine. mail me

Infact any of you mail me.
I'm always up for coffee..well tea, especially accompanied by some sweet morsal!!!
oh and trib..I am over the hill in age to!!!

ThisTime Sat 06-Jan-07 19:24:45

Hi MamaG

Yes remember Miss Ralph - rumour has it she and Becky Mather recorderd an album together. My drama teacher was Mr Key ( A R T I C U L A T E) thats all he used to say to us!! Were you on the performing Arts side then?

Nice other thread BTW

auntymandy Mon 08-Jan-07 16:30:40

lorraine how about coffee in morrisons one morning/afternoon?

auntymandy Wed 10-Jan-07 18:26:47


raymondcarter90 Sat 06-Aug-16 23:10:30

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

raymondcarter90 Sat 06-Aug-16 23:12:36

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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