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Steroids for no particular reason?

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Girlwithnoname1 Fri 04-Mar-16 21:35:41

29 weeks pregnant & being very closely monitored due to a previous pregnancy loss, and scaring on my cervix as well as having a DD with a neuro de-generative genetic condition.
Throughout my pregnancy my fluid levels have been very low, this week they'd gone up a little and are 8cm's around baby.
However my consultant decided after my scan this week, that I needed steroid injections just in case they have to deliver baby early? (34wks was his suggestion)
I don't want to question him too much, but I don't really understand why he'd think she needs to come early? She's still growing, all be it a bit slower than we'd like, admittedly she's a bit 'quiet' at times, and doesn't jump up & down as much as we'd ideally like - but I just can't see why she'd need to come quite so early??

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