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Hematocrit 15.3% at 30 weeks

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Sparklycat Fri 04-Mar-16 18:38:57

Hi, hoping someone here knows something about bloods please!

Have had my 30 weeks blood test results back and my Hematocrit is 15.3%. This was highlighted in red on the screen but the midwife said they don't take any notice if it's low. I've been on Google (I know!) and a normal range is 36% plus. It's said that low can be a symptom on anaemia. My standard iron bloods were just on normal but last pregnancy this was also the case but my ferritin was 2(! really low)meaning I had to have a general anaesthetic for my c section as they knew I would loose a lot of blood and didn't want me awake for that. I'm worried that this new low count means I'm in the same position again - I.e normal blood iron levels but other things low and causing anaemia and this time it's not being picked up. Anyone got any ideas? Should I ask to see my doctor? Thanks!

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