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Different symptoms second time round?

(20 Posts)
MyBreadIsEggy Thu 03-Mar-16 08:16:08

Morning all smile just looking for a bit of insight really!
When I was pregnant with my DD (now 10mo), I suffered from disgusting morning sickness, which developed into hyperemesis pretty much from the moment the sperm touched the egg sad my skin resembled a Dominos "two for Tuesday" special, and I could only stomach ready salted crisps and Tropicana orange juice.
I'm 7 weeks pg with my second at the moment, and I've experienced no sickness whatsoever, haven't even felt nauseous! My skin is still quite balanced, bar the odd spot now and again, and my boobs are really sore and sensitive.
Anyone else's symptoms been completely different with second and subsequent pregnancies? And does there appear to be any truth in the old wives tales about carrying different sexes produces different symptoms?!

MyBreadIsEggy Thu 03-Mar-16 08:17:20

Forgot to add, I'm eating everything this time round too! Even things that I wouldn't eat normally confused

OhShutUpThomas Thu 03-Mar-16 08:19:11

Totally normal. I felt completely different with boy pregnancy compared with girl pregnancy.

Congratulations flowers

PurplePotatoes Thu 03-Mar-16 08:25:23

Yes I've been had constant nausea this time round and extreme tiredness where as with my DD I had a few days and that was it. I'm only 11 weeks so don't know if this is a boy or girl but my mum had two girls and two totally different pregnancies so its not always a clue smile

MyBreadIsEggy Thu 03-Mar-16 08:43:09

I'm hoping that having no sickness or nausea carries on! That was the worst thing for me last time - it was almost enough to make me never want another baby ever again....but so far so good with this little bean!! I am kind of thinking its a boy just because of the different symptoms, but I guess that's not true?!

mrsmugoo Thu 03-Mar-16 08:44:17

I've felt pretty similar with both of mine (boy first then girl) EXCEPT with this one I was sick non stop for 3 weeks. Not a jot of sickness with my son.

MyBreadIsEggy Thu 03-Mar-16 09:01:35

It's really strange! When I first got bfp I turned to DH and said "I can't be pregnant...I don't feel sick!" - I just expected it this time round because I've heard lots of rumours that if you have hyperemesis once, you'll likely get it again. But I guess there's still time confused

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Thu 03-Mar-16 09:41:14

Had totally different symptoms second time around and was convinced it was a boy but it was another girl grin

Sanch1 Thu 03-Mar-16 09:58:35

Seems normal! With DD I had no sickness, virtually no nausea. With this pregnancy I felt severely nauseous from before 4 weeks til about 15 weeks all day. I also felt more hungry with this one, rather than just greedy like I was with DD!

FragileBrittleStar Thu 03-Mar-16 15:21:57

I am only 4w with my second and questioning the symptoms as I have none- whereas with DS I was sick from the start - sick enough that I had gone to the doctors for that not knowing I was pregnant.
At least the sickness made me feel pregnant- now I keep questioning myself

MyBreadIsEggy Thu 03-Mar-16 15:32:54

It so strange to me how different things are this time round! I'm only 7 weeks but I've just had to unbutton my jeans because they felt really really tight!! That didn't happen until about 13/14 weeks with DD blush terrified that there's two buns in this oven as twins run in both mine and DHs families confused

Callthemodwife Thu 03-Mar-16 15:39:20

I showed much quicker in pg3 than the first two. Pg1 (girl) and pg2 (boy) I had mild sickness which passed off by about 12 weeks. Pg3 (boy) I was nauseous and felt awful from about 6-20 weeks! You just can't tell!

mangocoveredlamb Thu 03-Mar-16 17:30:41

I was about to start this thread!

With DD I had hyperemesis from about 4 weeks, to the extent I couldn't get out of bed for the first 16 weeks, and cancelled two holidays. I was still being sick the day she was born.

I'm about 5 weeks now and I feel GREAT, except for being very tired in the afternoon. I'm worried it's a bad sign.

rallytog1 Thu 03-Mar-16 17:32:40

I've got 2 dds. Totally different pregnancies with each. Sorry!

AJMcF Thu 03-Mar-16 17:42:52

I have one DD and another on the way. Each pregnancy could not have been anymore different!

With my first I was constantly in hospital with hyperemesis, blood loss and reduced movements.

This DD however has been a dream, minimal sickness from 8-12 weeks and absolutely no issues at all.

After a hyperemesis pregnancy you totally deserve a smooth one.


ICantThinkOfAUsernameH Thu 03-Mar-16 18:18:18

Im on hyperemesis preg number 2 (both boys), this time it started before the bfp and more severe, here's hoping it stays away for you flowers

LBOCS2 Thu 03-Mar-16 18:48:19

Vastly different pregnancies. First time around, felt mildly queasy but exhausted the whole time. This time, felt sick from weeks 5-18 to the extent that I had to spend most of my time horizontal and had problems looking at a screen. Slept fantastically last time - this time I've had insomnia from 14wks. Carrying out the front this time whereas last time it was more all around.

Both girls.

MyBreadIsEggy Thu 03-Mar-16 19:24:49

I definitely feel the pain of you ladies who have been hospitalised due to hyperemesis sad I spent quite a bit of time in hospital on antisocial as drips and fluids during my first pregnancy....I have everything crossed that it stays away this time round! I haven't felt even slightly nauseous yet 7 weeks in, whereas last time I felt sick before I got bfp, and was throwing up from about 2-3 weeks pg confused worst thing ever!

MyBreadIsEggy Thu 03-Mar-16 19:25:29

I meant antisickness hmm

kiki22 Thu 03-Mar-16 22:12:58

I felt the same as my first pregnancy the first 7/8 weeks since then its been very different im 15 weeks now, I don't think diff symptoms make any diff there will always be people its true for but I think its mostly chance.

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