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pregnant or not?

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beckybeggs Thu 03-Mar-16 03:53:27

long story, short. i'm 47 this year with 3 kids 2 boys from 1st marriage aged 23 & 24 this year. daughter from 2nd marriage 14 this year & sterilised 15 years ago.

killed myself 11 years ago this year (kids taken away due to mental health issues & alcohol abuse) & finally getting back on my feet with my lovely man. we have been together 9 years (xmas just gone).

my gp told me 2/3 years ago that i am perinatal but having missed a period & ultra sore, sensitive boobs & nipples & they are pretty solid, going to the loo more often. yup feels pregnant to me so did a tesco test **** up the 1st one & 2nd was negative but still have that niggly feeling. booked appointment with gp for 19th.

i don't want a baby & neither does his nibs at nearly 53 but i'll not cope with any of the alternatives. maybe it is a way of redemption if i am but i'll be relieved if i'm not. i've just paid over £200 for my Molly (sheep) to have a caesarian to save her & hopefully the lamb. both are now doing well.

i can't ignore this any longer, please help put my mind at rest whatever the outcome

MaryRobinson Thu 03-Mar-16 04:17:08

Obviously it is unlikely. When did you do the tests and how long have you being feeling pregnant?

sepa Thu 03-Mar-16 04:40:39

I think it's unlikely due to the sterilisation and negative test.
Due to your previous mental health issues it may be worth speaking to a dr about this as you don't want a worry like this to bring you back when you have done well to kick the drinking and get back on your feet!

Well done with all your hard work OP flowers

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