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Anyone changed midwife what was your experience?

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KIM10 Wed 02-Mar-16 19:34:46

Thinking about changing my midwife First baby 19weeks +1 and my midwife is not someone who I want to talk to as she is very rude and I feel comfortable around her plus we live in a small town so my only option is having baby in hospital there's one birth pool and two medical delivery rooms I have seen her twice and she singed a lot of things off in my pregnancy notes that she never discussed with me which made me miffed as she pooped on anything I asked the first time I having consultant led care about once a month which my darling husband comes with me which is detailed and rushed no time for my question about birth or anything else
I kind feel scared to change midwife in case I get some one who is friends with the one I don't want and hates me from get go

Sibbs Thu 03-Mar-16 09:41:45

Don't be afraid to change your midwife, they're supposed to help reassure you during your pregnancy and if you don't feel comfortable you are best off sorting it sooner rather than later.
I wasn't keen on my community midwife during my first pregnancy. I felt she was inexperienced and inappropriate, she was slack with test results and very unorganised.. Luckily she wasn't on duty when I was in labour. When I fell pregnant with my second they automatically assigned me to midwife 1 at which point I asked for a different one. I explained diplomatically that I didn't click with her previously and how uncomfortable it made me feel.. No questions asked I got assigned to a really lovely midwife who, to my knowledge, wasn't aware that I'd asked to swap her colleague.. She's actually my midwife for number 3 too!
Good luck. If midwife two is originals friend, as long as you don't use your appointment to slate her, I think she'll be fine and happy you're comfortable with her smile

VeronicaDinner Thu 03-Mar-16 09:47:30

I changed my midwife. I had one that was constantly getting snappy with me. She kept getting annoyed with me for wanting to wee on arrival for testing, rather than carry around old wee in my handbag. I was coming from the office and just did not want to have wee in my handbag all day! The disdain on her face over this was incredible! Like she thought I was captain snooty of the posh brigade!

Anyway, I called up and was swapped to someone else no problem. She was absolutely lovely. I'm so glad I changed!

mellowyellow1 Thu 03-Mar-16 11:34:48

I've had a different midwife at every single appointment! Keeps it fresh I suppose!

5hell Thu 03-Mar-16 12:04:04

I've involuntarily changed midwives...didn't mind though as the first was pretty ditsy, and new one is lovely! In total i've now seen 4 mws and 2 students at my routine appointments (currenlty 36w).

they dont have much time, and so dont discuss some things in as much detail as we might expect I think, but if you're genuinely uncomfortable with her then ask to change.

good luck

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