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Erin19 Wed 02-Mar-16 17:58:48

I have my first scan tomorrow, feel like ive waited a life time for it but never mind. I am so worried that I get there to get bad news or for them to say im not even pregnant. Not had a period or any bleeding since end of november. so am I being daft? Slightly excited but extremely nervous that something has gone wrong along the way. :/

Anybody felt the same?

TreeSparrow Wed 02-Mar-16 18:10:01

Yes, I felt so nervous for my first scan. I was extremely tense throughout but it was pretty amazing to see the little bean bouncing around in there and all was well. It was a special day as we got low risk test results on the day so from that point we started telling people.

It's easy to say of course but try not to worry and enjoy the moment when you see your baby on screen. It's really fascinating!

Sophia1984 Wed 02-Mar-16 19:09:28

Completely normal. I was a nervous wreck before mine but everything was fine. Try to enjoy it - it's really magical :-)

Flossiesmummy Wed 02-Mar-16 19:26:47

Even though I've been really sick both times I never truly believed it until I saw the little peanut wriggling around on screen.

Vap0 Wed 02-Mar-16 22:07:55

Best of luck tomorrow erin
I have my 12w scan tomorrow too, even though I've had scans already a 6w, 8w & 10w I'm still terrified that things have gone wrong.
Hope it comes around quick for both of us and there isn't too much stressing. Can't wait to hear that heartbeat.....
What time is yours?
Mine is 3.55

Erin19 Thu 03-Mar-16 13:07:21

Just back and all is fine. 13 weeks and everything fine. smile

scrivette Thu 03-Mar-16 13:24:07

That's good news!

TreeSparrow Thu 03-Mar-16 13:54:56

Great news! How did you feel?

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