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Working as a housekeeper during early pregnant

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Tryagain92 Wed 02-Mar-16 17:33:50

I work part time as a housekeeper but during this pregnancy I am feeling so poorly!! Everything is making me feel really unwell. All I can do is stay in bed and sleep. Everything is stinking to me and it makes me feel really sick :'( even when I try and sleep the horrific smell is lingering.
At work I have to work in the laundry even though I am only assigned as housekeeper but the assistant left, and ive got to lift heavy bags and push items, lots of bending and pulling as well it makes me feel really sick. I have had a miscarriage and two ectopics so i am really scared about this pregnancy! I am really scared. I know i have to continue working but i dont want to jinx it by telling my supervisor that im pregnant so early and i doubt they'd even care sad

Pinkheart5915 Wed 02-Mar-16 17:36:32

Congratulations on being pregnant!

You don't say how far along you are? And I know what it is like to be scared and not want to jinx a pregancny because of things from previous times but it really does sound like it would be best if you had a word with your supervisor and explained what you have on here. You could ask them to not tell anybody else?

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