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Spd / pgp

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spandau1980 Wed 02-Mar-16 16:18:05

Hi all
I've been having spd pain since 16 weeks but had horrendous preg sickness from 6 weeks to 22 weeks so that was keeping me house bound any way... then I had critical death door low iron and iron infusion then the flu and now at 30 plus 6 I'm in so much pain with this spd I need crutches.
I can't drive walk or dress myself unaided
Iv 4 kids to look after youngest is just 3
How do other ppl cope?
I can't take my little one out can't cook or lift heavy objects I'm relying on my older kids and oh when he can be bothered as I swear he thinks I should work through the pain
I'm so low today just can't see wood for tress.
How can I stop feeling so stressed about mess and lack of ability to do stuff

Heavenscent86 Fri 04-Mar-16 11:05:55

Hi spandau. I'm sorry you had no replies yet. How are you feeling now?
I only have mild PGP and that's bad enough because its restricting my ability to cook and tidy etc. Mostly I do nothing but sit on the sofa. The only thing I have found that helps at all to alleviate my stress is to try and take a few minutes out to read or something just for myself and as bed is more comfy for me I go to bed really early at night and read there and get up as late as possible in the morning. I don't really get out the house anymore or anything. Probably not much help but I just wanted to let you know I feel for you as I have spent my whole pregnancy almost house bound between this and hyperemesis.

whiteychappers Fri 04-Mar-16 11:26:27

Much love to you both flowers

Cherryberry1 Fri 04-Mar-16 11:33:42

Hi OP.

I know it's difficult but try as much as you can to focus on meeting your newborn soon instead of the untidy state of the house. I'm sure your OH and other children understand (even if they may not always act like it).

Get your 3 year old to 'read' to you on the sofa/in bed or draw near you. You can still spend time with her close to you (and your other children) without doing the things you used to be able to.

I'm sure your family would much rather you rest and try to be as comfortable as possible now before the baby arrives than you suffer by straining and pushing yourself for their sake.

My aunt was on crutches too for the majority of her second pregnancy so I know it can leave you feeling quite down. I do hope you're feeling better soon though flowers

Beeeeckyy Fri 04-Mar-16 18:19:16

I have had sever SPD throughout almost my whole pregnancy. I have been on crutches and ended up in a wheelchair before being admitted to hospital for morphine and to be induced at 37 weeks.

I can only sympathise and wish you luck. I have no idea how I would have coped with looking after 4 children!

I am a complete neat freak and the state my home ended up in got me very down. Also having to be housebound and eventually bed bound and seeing the mess all day drove me insane. But the best advice I think I can give you is don't bother with it! The mess really does not matter when you are in so much pain and your health is at risk. The more you push yourself, the worse it gets. I'm sure it's very difficult with so many children but while suffering with this you need to put yourself and your unborn child first. Learn to accept and ask for help from family and friends (I found this very difficult as I'm incredibly independent and stubborn) but any help really does make the world of difference.

I can only wish you the best of luck... Try and take it as easy as you can and admitt when you need help..

squeezed Sat 05-Mar-16 18:17:03

spandau I'm a week on from seeing the physio and having crutches has meant I'm not going to bed in tears. It's still painful but definitely has helped. I'm not sure what the exercises will do but having less pressure on my left side has made a big difference. I'm taking the maximum paracetamol dose everyday and this is supposed to have a cumulative effect. I've also got an Emma Jane belt that I wear across the pubic bone.
Aside from this, I'm neglecting the house, using cbeebies as a babysitter, and providing terrible food when I get anywhere near the kitchen.
You can't just push through the pain, it will make it worse. My Dh has just had to take over most things.
After spending yesterday in bed with the sickness and pain I've just had to accept that this is just how it has to be. I feel a bit better today from accepting it, but it is still difficult.

spandau1980 Sun 06-Mar-16 14:36:34

Thanks all. This condition is so painful ppl just do t get it.
My physio didn't give me any exercises just said we don't touch preg women have some crutches and a belt ... xx

Heavenscent86 Sun 06-Mar-16 14:51:13

Oh dear. I'm due to see physio this week and I'm guessing they won't be much help going off that. Having a bad day today with my pain. Ended up in floods of tears because I could barely get off the sofa and daughter wanted to go to the park. Unfortunately no way that's happening today.

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