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Round ligament pain?

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Pagetta Tue 01-Mar-16 18:16:40

Im 24 weeks and When I walk for any length of time Im getting a sharp pain to the right of my belly button like a bad stitch. I've had it mildly on and off for a while but today i had to walk half a mile to my car and by the time I got there it was really bad and a bit in my left side too.
It stops if I sit down or bend forward, and walking UP stairs eases it, so its not SPD.
Round ligament pain is described a lot as being lower abdomen - this is more waist height!
It is fine on cross trainer and ex bike but walking for more than 5 min brings it on - almost like walking is stretching me out too much (does that sound weird?!)
Appreciate any advice though on what it could be or easing it??

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