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Possible UTI? advice?

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BloomingR0sey Mon 29-Feb-16 14:37:01

Hi all! I'm just over 8weeks pregnant and have had 2 possible UTIs already (dip tests) and samples sent off. While waiting for the results I was given antibiotics or just incase, but when I've got my results back they're all clear!
I'm pretty sure somethings up again but I've got my results from last weeks samples and it's all clear, I'm having to urinate quite frequently but always a lot of wee, I never struggle to go and I feel like a big weird 'down their' like I've just riden an uncomfortable bike, and back/hip ache but no other symptoms. I've had bad hips for years so don't think that related.
Sorry for the long post would just like to hear from people's experience!

StormTr00per Mon 29-Feb-16 15:07:06

I think its maybe just an early pregnancy symptom?.. when I was pregnant with my DS (before I knew I was pg) I thought I had a UTI, but it came back clear. I was always needing to pee, but with very little coming out, and felt very uncomfortable. For me, it felt a lot better once everything 'moved up' away from my bladder. I wasn't able to do any exercise as it felt so bad. Now at 30 weeks pregnant (again) the need to pee all the time is nowhere near as bad as it was early on. Hope that helps.

Heirhelp Mon 29-Feb-16 15:40:01

I am 30 weeks now and at 8 wewks until 14 I weed alot more than I am now.

BloomingR0sey Mon 29-Feb-16 15:40:15

Thanks so much storm, this is my first pregnancy so I've been quite anxious with the possibility of not catching something if it's wrong.
I've had an early ultrasound and she did say because everything is growing so low it can cause some horrible sensations,thank you!!

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