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Elective C Section Worries

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JudyWilliams Mon 29-Feb-16 13:48:34


It's highly likely that i'm being a bit of a worrier however... Due to many rugby injuries i've ended up needing to have a C section as my hips dislocate and its agony, that combined with my back no longer being the correct shape. Result i've been booked in for a C section on 11th march (now for the waiting game!). This is baby number one for us and i've been told due to the problem being on going any future pregnancies will require a CS too. At least I can prepare for those!

I've read numerous different sources about recovery, hospital stay, risks to baby etc etc but i'm just after some advice from people who have been through this? What you can/can't do returning from hospital? My partner is fantastic but i'm not sure he fully understands what's involved in a CS in terms of what i'll be able to do once we get home (you could argue neither do I!). I'm trying to strike a right balance between being prepared and making sure he isn't restricted with being realistic about my expectations.

Thanks for any advice/experiences!


WhamBamThankYouStan Mon 29-Feb-16 13:52:22

I stayed in hospital for 2 nights and went home after lunch on day 3. I could walk to the car but the drive home was sore. I spent the next 2 days in bed at home with DD2, while my DH did everything. After that I was up and about a bit more but was still sore. But we went out for coffee on day 6ish and that was fine. So generally pottering was fine, no lifting or driving or overdoing it though.

5madthings Mon 29-Feb-16 13:53:13

There is a thread all about elcs with just this type of info, will find it and post the link.

I was following it for a while as it looked like I may need an elcs this time (35wks with Dc6). It really was very helpful.

DrE678 Mon 29-Feb-16 13:55:50

My DD was delivered by EMCS. The recovery was actually fine and it should be even better with an ELCS. I was in hospital for two nights and was able to shower myself on day 2 without any assistance. I could get myself up from day 2 and walk slowly. By the end of week 1 I was able to walk fairly normally but bending and stairs were a bit sore. By the end of week 2 I felt pretty well and had to stop myself doing things. By week 4 I felt normal although you should allow the full 6 weeks before doing much. I found the c section the easier of my two births, by far. It was less painful and the recovery was quicker. You will need help as you can't lift things heavier than the baby and you won't find housework, cooking etc easy at the start. It is all worth it in the end when you get your newborn cuddles.

JudyWilliams Mon 29-Feb-16 14:00:02

thank you for all the help so far! I'm lucky in that a great family network are close by and know when to take the hint of getting in the way so the best of both worlds. Fingers crossed all goes well.

We just want to meet her now!!

bonzo77 Mon 29-Feb-16 14:06:06

It varies hugely from person to person and even section to section. I've had 3, 2 elective. Was up and about, catheter out within 12 hours both times. Would have been fine to go home after 24 hours but with one the baby was in nicu and the other I took advantage of a quiet ward as I had 2 older ones and builders at home! Once home I avoided lifting anything heavy, and bending / stretching, but was pretty much normal after a week or so and driving within 2 weeks.

Risks: your consultant should have discussed these with you. Remember the stats lump all CS against all VBs. Which is not fair as if you have an elcs you have not undergone the risky parts of a failed VB. In addition they can plan ahead for some known risk factors, so give you steroids to mature the baby's lungs if coming before 39 weeks, give you antacids to protect you from vomiting. There's no rush so less risk or accidentally damaging your bladder or nicking the baby.

It's a big op. There's no denying it. But there's rarely an truly easy get out with childbirth.

Castafioresbijoux Mon 29-Feb-16 16:26:19

Make sure your bed is a high bed (as opposed to those low beds). It's a killer trying to get up or sit down on a low bed as you have to bend over the cut. And have the baby's crib or Moses basket at the same level as your bed or higher so you don't bend over too much to pick the baby up.

Other than that it was really all smooth going, stress free, pain free, 2 nights in the hospital, walking about and getting on with it once I got home.

Been booked for another for number two.

Good luck!

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