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sickness at 12 weeks!

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AmyAmy29 Mon 29-Feb-16 08:33:33

I've read an article claiming that having morning sickness at 12 weeks can show a sign that your baby has died...My morning sickness was bad around 7-9 weeks then it died down but the past week I have felt rubbish and been sick about four times. I am 12 weeks today and been violently sick this morning has anyone else had this or just myself?

squeezed Mon 29-Feb-16 08:39:52

I've not heard that before. I was very sick around that point and still being sick at 29 weeks. When the hormones increase it can make you more unwell and can be really variable.

AmyAmy29 Mon 29-Feb-16 08:41:35

Hi squeezed

I work very early shifts in a hospital in unsure on weather the fact I wake up very early and leave without eating may have an impact on me being sick or not. I just hope that everything is okay

Sanch1 Mon 29-Feb-16 10:04:35

I would ignore that article, sickness is due to hormones, and it often gets worse in stages as hormones increase. Im sure all is fine, when is your scan?

AmyAmy29 Mon 29-Feb-16 10:36:03

I have my 12 week scan tomorrow but I always get nervous the day before and best myself up over it all so I'm constantly worrying myself

whiteychappers Mon 29-Feb-16 11:39:41

Stop googling is my advice. Morning sickness can go on for the whole pregnancy if you are unlucky. I'm 10 weeks as it doesn't seem to have a pattern anyway, some days I have full on nausea all day, sometimes just in bits, sometimes I puke loads, sometimes only once. Ive given up trying to understand it now. Some people are lucky and don't even have it. Once you've had your scan you will feel much better. I had a private one last week and needed to motivation foe all the vomiting ive been doing. Id convinced myself that this sickness was all in my head and was just worry. There was a little baby in there after all (which I knew deep down) I just needed to see it with my own eyes x

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