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Dermatofibromas (hard lumps under skin) and hypermobility??

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OhWhatAPalaver Sun 28-Feb-16 21:34:36

Does anyone have these and have they got worse in pregnancy? I never had any before I had dd1, they appeared not long after her birth and then slowly started disappearing 13 months later when I stopped bfing but they took a very long time to go.
Now I'm pregnant with dd2 and they're back! I know they're supposed to be harmless but I also had a number of associated postnatal problems last time, ie probable hypermobility, horrendous loose joints causing displacement and tendosynovitis, and I'll do anything to stop it happening again! I already have really bad SPD and my joints have started feeling loose again but not as bad as how I was postnatally yet.
I suspect it's all connected somehow but I'm not entirely sure in what way exactly. Would be interested to know if such things have happened to anyone else.

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