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Labour and delivery nerves

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Heavenscent86 Sun 28-Feb-16 14:31:03

So I'm now 35 weeks pregnant and I feel like it's only just sinking in that there's going to be a baby at the end of this and somehow I've got to get it out of me! Anyway just wondering if anyone else feels nervous about the giving birth part of this and how are you dealing with it?

LilyRose16 Sun 28-Feb-16 14:37:57

Yep im the same! 39 weeks and keep having moments of panic and disbelief. Every twinge i get i almost hope it's not happening yet, sounds terrible but not sure why I'm feeling this way, was so excited all through pregnancy and cant wait to meet my baby but i think i may have read too many horror stories over on the child birthing board and just feel terrified about labour now. My baby is back to back and worried it's going to be horrific. I know worrying changes nothing and i need to remain positive but it's really hard sometimes.

So you are not alone, I know being positive will lead to a more positive experience, if you find a way please let me know!!

Heavenscent86 Sun 28-Feb-16 15:54:03

I'm hoping focusing on meeting my baby and an end to the pregnancy discomfort will help me to not worry too much. But I am certainly starting to feel the nerves at the moment. Baby looks to be an average 8lber but if that's the case I'm scared to go overdue. I tried reading up on hypnobirthing but it didn't really appeal to me sadly. I'm not sure I'd be very good at the techniques suggested.
Awww it's not long until you meet your baby and I'm sure all will go well. I expect after we'll be wondering why we were nervous. Do you intend to go for an epidural if struggling? Do you know the sex of your baby?

Dixiechick17 Sun 28-Feb-16 15:57:58

I used the Maggie Howell hypnobirthing CD to keep me calm, helped keep me calm in the lead up and during the birth.

LilyRose16 Tue 01-Mar-16 19:15:17

You're right i need to focus more on meeting baby rather than being scared! Having lots of pressure pains now and trying to stay calm! We dont know if it's a boy or girl si that is adding to the excitement, how about you?

Im trying to be open minded about epidural etc, if i need one i'll have one, would be great not to need one but as people always say, there are no medals for avoiding pain relief! Hope you are feeling less nervy now smile

sepa Tue 01-Mar-16 19:24:38

My waters broke this morning and I spent the next hour shaking. I wasn't worried through my pregnancy and hit me at about 36 weeks.
Induction tomorrow so I don't really have much time left to stress!

I'm sure you will be fine. I keep telling myself that people do this willingly more than once! grin

mellowyellow1 Tue 01-Mar-16 20:00:59

Good luck Sepa!
I am 35 weeks too and only just beginning to sink in that I have to give birth and then look after her too confused scared doesn't even come close. I haven't been to any classes either and feel totally unprepared!

LilyRose16 Tue 01-Mar-16 20:42:42

Ooh good luck Sepa, dont forget to update us! How exciting!! I think i will panic when labour kicks in for me too!! But just keep reminding yourself you're almost there!

Heavenscent86 Tue 01-Mar-16 21:34:29

Good luck sepa. Hope all goes well.
We don't know if babys a boy or girl either. So looking forward to finding out now. I'm trying to relax. Had to go in for monitoring due to contractions yesterday and was actually pretty relaxed so maybe when the time comes I'll be just fine. I'm sure we'll all cope well and it's more nerve wracking in the run up.

sepa Wed 02-Mar-16 03:02:39

Is this your first Heaven
I think it's the unknown of it all as it hasn't yet been done by me.
Going into labour is a massive thing. I know people do it all the time etc but it is a lot of work. Your body expands to push out a human you have been growing and then you have this little baby with no instructions which you then need to take home and care for not really knowing what your doing!

What did the hospital say about your contractions? Hopefully you won't have to wait til 40/42 weeks to meet your little one flowers

Bubblegum28 Wed 02-Mar-16 06:46:11

I'm the same being induced today and only today has it hit me that oh my gosh this baby needs to come out shock I'm shitting myself now woke up at 4 to go toilet and haven't been able to sleep since confused good luck sepa my induction day twin grin

sepa Wed 02-Mar-16 07:12:40

That's so exciting bubblegum
What time are you booked in for? I woke up at 2 with contractions but they seem to have stopped now!

Bubblegum28 Wed 02-Mar-16 07:42:07

I've gotta be there for 8.30 how long I'll be waiting to get things started though I don't know are u feeling nervous?

Heavenscent86 Wed 02-Mar-16 07:55:26

Good luck bubblegum and sepa. Do come back and let us know how you get on.
This is my 2nd baby but the first birth was a bit difficult. Not majorly traumatic or anything but it could have been a nicer experience. I think this time being older though and with a different birth partner I'll be more likely to push to do things the way j want as long as it's not detrimental to me or baby rather than just blindly doing what they say.
They don't know what caused my contractions. No infections or anything could be found and I wasn't dilating so maybe it is my body just preparing. I hope baby stills in until I'm 37 weeks but then I won't worry too much if it makes an earlier appearance.

LilyRose16 Wed 02-Mar-16 08:26:21

Good luck both for your inductions today!! We'll be watching with bated breath! smile

sepa Wed 02-Mar-16 08:50:25

That's a shame that your last birth didn't go the way you wanted. I agree that you need to push to do things your way providing it is age for you and baby. Your pregnancy, your labour so your way!

outputgap Wed 02-Mar-16 11:12:11

I'm not a natural hypnotherapy client at all, but the Maggie Howell CD did really help with relaxation, esp with dc1. I need to start doing it again (I'm 36 weeks).

Best of luck sepa and bubblegum.

Bubblegum28 Wed 02-Mar-16 11:58:07

Had the gel about an hour ago didn't realise getting that would hurt blush more of a uncomfortable pain wow what have I got myself in for

almmummy Wed 02-Mar-16 14:13:46

Please don't worry - the hardest thing to get your head around is how you'll feel in labour but it's really not that bad. The thing is you don't feel at all like you do now - I can only compare it to like being paralytically drunk, you have a vague notion of what is happening but you are in your own world. Embarrassing things happen and you don't really care or remember (eventually) and you want the most random things (I got changed about five times - more socks! shorts not trousers!) and forget all the things you thought you'd want (water birth, TENS machine). Maybe I got too high on the drugs but it really wasn't too bad - painful of course but manageable thanks to being able to request pain relief when required.

I can't comment on what it is like with an epidural though, I think you feel a lot more 'with it' BUT not in pain so badly.

Everythinggettingbigger Wed 02-Mar-16 15:54:01

Im 28 weeks with DS2 and worried a lot more this time than I was the first time! I had a pretty horrific labour and birth the first time so don't know what to expect this time but what I can say is at the time you really don't care whats going on, you are so focused on the job in hand (I keep trying to remind myself this, I pretty much laughed my way through my first labour, I don't know why but its how I coped)! I've been advised by the midwife to go to Hypnobirthing classes so this does seem like a good idea! but don't forget loads of people have the easiest of births and the shortest labours too!!

and honestly once your baby is placed your arms, it doesn't compare to anything that's just happened and all is forgotten in an instant!

sepa Wed 02-Mar-16 22:04:19

Any sign yet bubblegum the woman who did my second pessary felt babies head but nothing else has happened. Pretty bored with being in hospital already tbh

Bubblegum28 Wed 02-Mar-16 22:52:48

Was given pesserry at 11.30 this morning and the last time they checked I was 2cm dilated (around 2 hours ago). Waiting for a room on labour ward to have my waters broken but I'm contracting every 5minuites shock

Heavenscent86 Thu 03-Mar-16 10:29:11

How are you getting on bubblegum and sepa?
Thanks for all the reassuring words everyone. I hope that for all of us once we go into labour we will all be so focused on what is happening that we won't be nervous or panicky by that point.

Bubblegum28 Fri 04-Mar-16 12:53:09

Baby bugglegum was born last night at 10.31 weighing 6.7 smile didn't get down to labour ward until 1.30 yesterday were my waters were burst so not to long. It is hard work not going to lie but sitting here today with my baby next to me makes it all worth it smile good luck ladies you can do it x

Heavenscent86 Fri 04-Mar-16 13:17:43

Oh well done and congratulations bubblegum. Did you have a boy or a girl? So pleased it all went ok for you.

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