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Night Light...

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Teddypom Sat 27-Feb-16 14:23:05

Was thinking of purchasing a night light for night feeds. I don't know where to start - there are hundreds of them.
Has anyone bought one which they'd recommend?
TIA. xx

ProbablyMe Sat 27-Feb-16 14:25:10

We got a grolight -

thenewaveragebear1983 Sat 27-Feb-16 14:25:27

Some baby monitors have a light function, ours is Motorola. Tbh the landing light on and the door ajar is sufficient for us.

Runningupthathill82 Sat 27-Feb-16 15:38:58

Bit pointless, I would think? Your usual bedside lamp will surely suffice while the baby's in your room for the first six months - and if you're lucky you may not need to be doing night feeds after that anyway!

poocatcherchampion Sat 27-Feb-16 15:41:13

We had the en suite light on for a bit but after a couple of weeks no light. You are trying to give sleep signals so a light is not a fab ideas.

If I needed light to latch I just used my phone as a torch.

LBOCS2 Sat 27-Feb-16 15:47:56

We have a lamp which has three settings, we'd have it on the lowest setting in the early days. For 'finding my way to the baby in the dark' we have an IKEA nightlight in the hallway.

IamChipmunk Sat 27-Feb-16 16:25:35

I wouldn't bother! I BF ds in our room for the first 6 months either in the dark or just used the lowest setting of our bedside touch lamp.
When he went in his own room I just used the light coming in from the hall.

Agree with pp it's better to keep it as dark as possible once your confident with your latch.

SunnyL Sat 27-Feb-16 16:30:37

We got a night light from Ikea. We have black out curtains so DH can sleep during the daytime after night shifts so without the night light we couldn't find baby in the dark smile

IndomitabIe Sat 27-Feb-16 16:38:45

I would imagine it'll be more for the inevitable nappy changes (DS pooed during every feed when he was tiny), and a bedside light is often too much.

We picked up a clip lamp from lidl the other week, clipped underneath the crib to give just enough light but not enough to wake everyone up.

Kentnurse2015 Sat 27-Feb-16 16:43:32

We have the gro light and it's brilliant

poocatcherchampion Sat 27-Feb-16 17:32:33

I only change nappies in the bathroom - in the night by the light of a streetlight. I always think I've got it all, but if I'm honest there is often poomageddon in the morning smile

But at least I don't wake up properly grin

Teddypom Sat 27-Feb-16 19:26:44

Thanks all - I don't have a bedside table lamp and the landing light is left on for my little girl.
Found a Gro 2-in-1 night light on Amazon which is a dim lightbulb - perfect! xxx

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