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Experiences with a private midwife?

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Rose2806 Sat 27-Feb-16 08:55:05

I'm 23+6 and considering getting a private midwife for the last part of my pregnancy. The regular NHS midwife I see is lovely but she won't be there at the birth and I feel worried about not knowing who I will have looking after me (hoping for the home from home birth centre as want to be close to the main hospital still). I was at the hospital yesterday being checked due to cramping (all fine) but the midwife I saw there didn't want to take the time to answer all of my questions and I think if I had someone like that during labour I would find everything a lot harder.

Have been discussing it with DH, it's expensive but may be worth it if it helps me to have a less stressful and more relaxed birth- would like to be able to do everything as naturally as possible if I can. The downside we have thought of is whether there may be a difference of opinion between the private and NHS midwife at the hospital and if this could cause problems as we may not know who to listen to. I know that private midwives aren't allowed to actually deliver the baby but are still there to help guide you/support you through it etc. They are also another person monitoring you and the baby which I find reassuring.

If anyone else has had experiences of using a private midwife (especially when having a hospital or home from home centre birth) I would be really grateful for any advice you have.

seven201 Sat 27-Feb-16 09:04:46

What about getting no a doula instead? I have no experience with either but it might be a good in between solution

Sunshine87 Sat 27-Feb-16 09:09:18

If they aren't allowed to deliver whats the point? What if the one you picked isn't available on the day? We are really lucky to have a NHS. It is luck of the draw who you get. My first labor the midwife was an utter bitch, second both were lovely.

Rather than waste your money have a clear view of what your labour should be.

Pain- gas& air, injection, epidural a good tip injection lasts 4-5 hours note time given and ask for a top up as half the time they dont think to ask. This saw me through to the birth of t daughter. Good pain management makes a difference.

Postion- birthing ball, birthing pool,home birth, all fours,laid down be clear with whats comfortable for you.

Bue Sat 27-Feb-16 10:26:06

My friend (a midwife) employed an independent midwife for her first birth. She planned a homebirth but ended up having to be induced so her independent midwife went into hospital with her. She still found it to be worth it, the indy midwife did not direct care in the hospital but was there as a support and an advocate. And she still got a month of postnatal care at home from the indy too, of course. If you find someone you like and you can afford it, then I think it's still a good option.

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