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2 weeks late and bfn :(

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mssunshine79 Fri 26-Feb-16 11:37:25

i have a regular cycle between 30- 33 days max, with a 10 day lp. on 9dpo i had spotting 2 tiny pin head spots. i temp and i had high temps after o with a dip also on 9dpo. my thermometer broke earlier this week but up to then had high temps. so today since i am 2 weeks late tomorrow thought i would test. i used one step strips from amazon. and bfn. i cant believe it. i did read some of the reviews that said some people had false negs from it. but i can feel a pinch on one side like i had in my prev pregnancy not all the time just sometimes. i feel bloated and nausea some times. i know some times you can imagine symptoms but the only times ive been this late ive been pregnant. im just worried now that maybe if i had tested earlier this would have showed it to be a chemical (i had one last year) and really dont want another loss. so what do you think do you think i could be pg and is it likely the test was false neg? should i be hopefully or prepare for the worst? i normally get eczema a week before my period and it hasnt happened, and it did when i had my prev loss. i dont know i just feel lost. i just dont know how often false negs happen when you are 2 weeks late - earlier i could understand but 2 weeks? i dont want to test again for at least a week as if it was negative and im just testing earlier it could make me panic for no reason

Sanch1 Fri 26-Feb-16 12:58:16

I would think you've just had an odd cycle this month, either not ovulated or ovulated later, and you'll get AF soon. I think I read that this can happen, quite normally a few times a year for many women. It is frustrating but try not to worry.

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