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Who to call with hip pain?

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AThousandTears Thu 25-Feb-16 19:29:33

Wise Mumsnetters, help me find the right direction to go and what to say!

I'm 39 weeks pregnant today. I previously had hip surgery to drain fluid from my hip joint after having DS1. This started when I felt something pop and 2 days later I couldn't walk and was hospitalised.

During this pregnancy I have been under consultant care because of this issue. I've experienced pelvic pain amongst other things so have been in pain for a while now.

Today I had that familiar pop in the same hip as before and now the pain has increased massively.

My main concerns are:
- if this is the same as before then I have a few days before I can't move and will be in total agony.
- how can this be treated while I'm pregnant as they can't even X-ray!?
- what will happen to my pelvis/hip if I'm still pregnant in 3 weeks?
- will I even be able to give birth with the timing of this? Could I be at risk of EMCS?
- is it not a better idea to be induced now then I can have the right treatment?

Now to talk through these concerns I phoned to see if I could see a consultant before Thursday (my next appointment) but there are no appointments available. I was advised to see my GP. I will ring in the morning.

But my question is, what can they realistically do? Don't I need to be seen at the hospital that can talk to me about the hip issue combined with pregnancy and make a decision? Is there anywhere else I can try tomorrow?

NotWithoutMyMerkin Thu 25-Feb-16 19:35:10

I would try a chiropractor that specialises in pregnancy. Was amazing during my pregnancy

AThousandTears Thu 25-Feb-16 19:44:36

Do you think they would make a decision on induction this late on? I dont want to be fobbed off with some pain killers as I really am anxious about the possible risks in birth and the long term risks after pregnancy!

NotWithoutMyMerkin Fri 26-Feb-16 09:18:45

I don't know about induction. But I would focus on doing what you can to ease the pain

wonkylegs Fri 26-Feb-16 09:44:12

I have hip problems and am pregnant. Mine are long term due to RA and so am also consultant led. I am having a planned section due to worries that natural birth would cause more damage especially if I ended up in stirrups. I had a EMCS with my son as he came early and it didn't go to plan.
I presume you are trying to see the obstetrics consultant, I would leave a message asking for a call back and try and speak to the head MW emphasing how far you are in your pregnancy. If you can't get hold of anybody a GP appointment may be able to get you a bit further in the fact that they may be able to expedite seeing the consultant.
I don't know how your hospital works but as I have care under a Rhemy consultant I can contact them as well as my obstetrics team. There is an emergency phone number that I can phone and get a call back if I need to talk over anything urgent. If you need painkillers, you may need to just take them, don't be a martyr to pain it is not helpful to you or the baby. At this stage in pregnancy then you will be taking them for a comparatively short period of time. I have been on medication for both my pregnancies - my son had no problems and is a robust 7yo and I am confident that the risk/benefit balance is the same this time.

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