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head cold and pregnancy

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Autumn2014 Thu 25-Feb-16 15:48:57

Not sure if I'm looking for sympathy / empathy or advice
I'm 30 weeks suffering from a rotten head cold - pain in my face, I've gone a bit deaf, my eyes are sore, congested nose, dripping constantly, coughing and sneezing fits that aren't helped by my pelvic floor or reflux. I'm plodding through the day doing the school run, errands and basic chores by taking a nap when I can (sahm) and taking paracetamol but it's worse at night even when propped up with pillows, so really affecting my sleep and exhaustion.
Apart from the paracetamol and inhalation is there anything else I can do or take. This is the 11th day now.

Pagetta Thu 25-Feb-16 17:27:26

omg - this sounds like sinusitis i've had it twice since being pregnant (never before in my life) and it's rotten as you can't take the AntiBs or ibuprofen!

Apparently you're more susceptible to it in pregnancy because your sinuses swell (oh joy!)

Two things really helped me - both recommended by lovely mumsnetters!
1) steam with just a drop of olbas oil - this really helped clear my head before bed.
2) get a nasal spray - bit gross at first but also helps clear the sinuses - although this doesn't clear the virus itself it helps your head and face stop hurting.

Also blow your nose as much as you can - it gave me a headache a bit but clearing the sinuses was key to feeling human again!

Lots of rest where you can, plenty of food (feed a cold and all that) and keep warm.

You have my sympathies, its so rotten, especially with energetic kids running about. Get well soon lovely, big hugs xx

Sophia1984 Thu 25-Feb-16 21:19:06

Sympathy and empathy here - I'm 17 weeks and have had the same all week. Weird ringing ears, very drippy nose and yes - the sneezing does not agree with my pelvic floor! And nights are the worst too - kind of dreading them to be honest. Apparently we're ok to use Halls Soothers, and I've found the extra strong ones helpful. I've also been having honey and lemon and tea with honey in, and have been inhaling boiling water under a towel. It'll only last a few days hopefully!

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