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Post lunch slump (13 wks)

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JessieMcJessie Thu 25-Feb-16 15:18:02

Is anyone else experiencing the dreaded post lunch slump on an epic scale since becoming pregnant?

I work in an office. I would normally have a wholemeal bread sandwich with plenty of protein and vegetables and some soup for lunch. Eat at my desk but not doing work at the same time.

Within about 10 minutes of finishing eating I have recently been feeling like all I am capable of doing is curling up and going to sleep, to the extent that I have actually considered going into the disabled loo for 40 winks on the floor!

It does seem to pass after an hour or so, during which I just sit in my chair and close my eyes/pretent to work. Later in the afternoon I tend to feel really quite perky again.

I have barely had any morning sickness but have had a lot of tiredness generally. I'm still drinking 2 cups of caffeinated tea per day, but can't have one straight after lunch as it just sloshes about in my stomach with the soup.

Any tips? I fear you're going to tell me to go out for a walk but I do walk out to get my lunch and am not massively keen on going out twice into the cold.

malin100 Thu 25-Feb-16 20:29:39

I'm in almost the same situation, except that I'm really sick at the moment too. I can't stomach my coffee anymore and feel like if it wasn't for the nausea, that would help a lot. I do go for a walk around the block about an hour after lunch (my slump doesn't seem to have an end point otherwise, just goes on all afternoon!) though sometimes I don't get out as I feel like if I move a muscle in my chair I'll throw up. I'm hoping someone's going to come along and tell us the miracle cure so I don't have to start sleeping on the manky toilet floor. :D

IrisPurple1 Fri 26-Feb-16 09:11:22

Hi, is there any way you could negotiate a longer lunch break to get you through this period, even if it means you have to stay in work later to make up the time?
It's cold and miserable now, but in a few weeks it should hopefully become more if a pleasure to go outside.
I am only 5 weeks but I get my slump pretty much all afternoon, peaking at 4 pm. I find eating helps - best thing is jacket potato. Have you tried eating something else with more cards or slow release energy such as a banana?

Everythinggettingbigger Fri 26-Feb-16 10:21:23

I'm now 27 weeks but at around the same time until about 16 weeks I was exactly the same and by the time I got home and sat on the couch I didn't have an ounce of energy to stand again! I do feel better now around that time although just generally tired!

JessieMcJessie Fri 26-Feb-16 10:51:51

Thanks Iris. My hours are pretty flexible anyway. If I lived close enough to work to take half an hour longer and pop home for a lie down then I'd go, but it's just a little too far for that. I'll try a banana but I don't like eating wih a knife and fork at my desk; I guess that one solution would be to find a sit in jacket potato place that's a reasonable walk away and kill 2 birds with one stone!

Fortunately I'm quite senior so the lack of productivity in the hour after lunch isn't too difficult to manage.

Laughing at you also considering the tolet floor malin.

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