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Elcs at 40 weeks - advice needed

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strangerjo Thu 25-Feb-16 11:07:25

I've been scheduled for a c section next Thursday when I'll be 40wks. I'm very concerned about this because I don't want to go into labour before this (severe pgp and anxiety and a few other things). The hospital said they'd do an emergency c section if I do go into labour but the thought of an emergency op just makes me more anxious. Did anyone have a cs at 40weeks? And any advice on what I can do to get an earlier one? The hospital gave me the option of accepting that date or not accepting it and hoping for a cancellation.

chandelierswinging Thu 25-Feb-16 11:25:19

Are you having the elcs because of the PGP? Or for another reason?

I don't have any advice on getting your section booked earlier, I'm afraid, but I hope I can reassure you that an "emergency" section may not be as awful as you imagine.

So, I had a c-section booked for 39+3 with DC2 (to due previous c-section and related complications) but went into labour at 39wks! My waters broke and then contractions started; it was a glorious shock! If you'd told me this would happen beforehand, I would've freaked, but actually, when it did happen, I was surprised at how calm I was. We made our way into the hospital and the MW and Dr assessed me. They decided to deliver me that night (early hours by the time I was prepped) as I was progressing in labour, but it was far from an emergency situation. I walked down to theatre, chatted with everyone, had music playing (basically everything on my birth plan for the planned c-section) and they began when we were all ready. I can honestly say it was a wonderful, relaxed and very healing experience for me. It was also far removed from the hideous, panicky experience of a real emergency c-section that I'd had with DC1.

strangerjo Thu 25-Feb-16 11:43:02

Thank you! Yes it's partly pgp but also I wanted it before my waters break (to reduce the risk of hepatitis b transmission to my baby as I'm a carrier. But the hospital don't think this is as good a reason as I do!). But also partly anxiety about an emergency situation and because I have a connective tissue problem I know there's a risk the baby might be delivered early (I had the cervical stitch in place until recently) or very quickly - I'm not sure my joints and tissues could cope with it and long-term damage. I'm also worried about the risks of having a c section when I'm already in labour and it's more of a rush.

Artioo2 Thu 25-Feb-16 11:44:03

Echoing what chandelierswinging says, my 'emergency' c-section was by far the most relaxed and enjoyable part of the birth for me! It was absolutely no different to the planned c-section I had for my next birth, which was at 41 weeks.

My labour was long, painful and frustrating but when they decided to move to an emergency c-section everything was calm, chilled and very friendly. I felt completely relaxed throughout and don't have any traumatic memories of it. The word emergency conjures up images of crashing through hospital doors on a trolley and doctors pulling on gowns as they run into the room, but it's not like this at all! They use the word to differentiate it from a planned section, and I'm sure for some women it is more rushed and traumatic due to particular circumstances, but from my experience this definitely wasn't the case. If they already know they're going to do a c-section if you go into labour, it's all planned an expected anyway.

strangerjo Thu 25-Feb-16 11:46:48

My midwife said they can't promise they would do a c section if I go into labour before the scheduled date and I might have to deliver naturally (although the midwife I spoke to today said differently).

Artioo2 Thu 25-Feb-16 12:09:19

Are you under consultant care? Could you talk to them directly about what happens if you go into labour to save getting mixed messages from different midwives?

PosieReturningParker Thu 25-Feb-16 12:29:13

How bizarre. I had two EMCS at 39+3 and 39+2. My planned ones were 39 exactly

Want2bSupermum Thu 25-Feb-16 12:34:39

I have had 1 EMCS and 1 planned. For this pregnancy I'm doing another planned one and going in at 39wks. I would ask to speak to the doctor. After all it's their schedule you are working with. If they give you the green light to book at 39wks I would go ahead and do that. Baby will be ready and if it helps you be less anxious I think that is plenty good reason.

strangerjo Thu 25-Feb-16 13:16:02

I think it's because I requested it so late that there wasn't space for me the week between 39-40 weeks. I was put on the waiting list (with 5 others). I'm not under consultant care but did speak to him and he warned me it might not be possible.

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