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Bad upper back pain..!!

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Bubblegum28 Wed 24-Feb-16 20:50:52

Hi ladies I'm 38 weeks today and since yesterday I have had reaallly bad backache. I've heard lower backache can mean labour but this is more upper and middle, but it's getting so bad I can't relax. Midwife said baby's engaged and down in pelvis, could it be why? I mean the extra weight pulling my back mucles or something in agony here sad

suspiciousofgoldfish Wed 24-Feb-16 21:35:49

Possibly a pinched/trapped nerve that is making its way towards your upper back. See if you can get a pregnancy massage or osteo to try to ease it maybe? The extra strain and weight from baby probably means you are inadvertently carrying/standing differently to normal. Get your dp to give your shoulders a rub. Rolling a tennis ball in between your shoulders works too (you stand agains a wall and lean on the ball). Hope it gets better soon!

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